Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tele Novella 5/22/13 - Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Tele Novella Facebook page)

Last month, Tele Novella made a couple of stops on their debut tour in Los Angeles - the second of which was in at the Bootleg Theater in the heart of Los Angeles. Tele Novella is the brainchild of Natalie Ribbons, of the recently and dearly departed Agent Ribbons. While were big fans of and will greatly miss Agent Ribbons, Tele Novella will neatly fill the void.

While it would be tempting to compare Tele Novella to Agent Ribbons, it would not only be the easy way out, but somewhat inaccurate. Tele Novella, by virtue of being a four-piece (vs. Agent Ribbon's usual two) has a darker sound, which conjures up images of victorian gothic horror with tinges of 60's folk/swing thrown in. So enjoy this show, which was not only their tenth live performance ever, but included such highlights as the story of the "flying (guitar) space case" and the performance of a song that was based on a poem/lyrics from a man that ran a record label in Texas in the 1960's (track 5) Setlist below:

No Excalibur
Don't Be A Stranger
Victorian Terrarium
? "God Bless You Linda"
Hair of the Dog
Coattail Rider

Full show download here (Mp3) or here (FLAC)