Thursday, January 5, 2012

Manhattan Murder Mystery 12/26/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.


Last month Manhattan Murder Mystery held the Monday night residency slot at The Satellite, a fitting bookend to what ended up being a banner year for the band (which included the release of full-length self-titled album and the E.P. Woman House)It's been awhile since we last featured Manhattan Murder Mystery (okay, a lot longer than awhile), but we'll try to make up for that right now.

This show was a good cap to end their December run at The Satellite, performing selections from the aforementioned Woman House E.P. to the always crowd-pleasing "Parking Lot" Good times all around.

Recorded by Mark P.

Edit 1/06 - Thanks to Zach for filling in on a couple of song titles.

Full show download here.
(FLAC files available by request)

1 - Introduction
2 - Stadium Way
3 - Sancho
4 - City Hall
5 - ???
6 - Ambulance
7 - Christmas Day
8 - Owen Hart
9 - Parking Lot

Manhattan Murder Mystery - Stadium Way (live, 12-26-11) by recordingla

The Henry Clay People NYE Extravanganza 12/31/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: The Henry Clay People facebook)

To say that the 3rd annual Henry Clay People NYE concert (after an absence last year) at The Satellite/ex-Spaceland was an extravaganza might be considered an understatement, especially to those of us who were there. It was quite a show for old and new fans of the band (for this reporter it was their second, after seeing them at the Hammer Museum last July), which culminated in almost two hours of music almost evenly split into new material and the band's greatest hits, and the second half devoted to self-proclaimed "shitty covers" (which were quite the opposite actually)

Before the clock struck midnight, the band ripped through a collection of tunes that were mostly new (a standout was the newbie "Every Band We Ever Loved Is Selling Out and Breaking Up" - a mischievous commentary on some of the happenings in the music world over the past year?), with songs from previous albums sprinkled in. It seemed like all bets were off after ringing in the new though, when the cover set commenced - as noted bellow, the selection ran the gamut from The Beatle's I Saw Her Standing There" to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" to Prince's "When Doves Cry" - quite a selection indeed. Many of the guests that came onstage during the included Manhattan Murder Mystery's Matthew Teardrop (who sang on a couple of songs that included Dead Kennedy's "California Uber Alles") and a surreal cameo from The Undertone's Paul McLoone on his band's hit "Teenage Kicks" (sadly, Johnny Rotten was not in the house to assist on the Sex Pistol's "Holiday in the Sun")

I did the best I could on the setlist, please let me know if you have any corrections, thanks.

Edit 6/20/12 - we've got most of the setlist identified now, thanks Angelle and Joe!

Full show download here. (link updated 6/19/12)
(FLAC files available by request)

1.) The Honey Love He Sells
2.) The Fakers and the Fakes
3.) Andy Sings
4.) Two By Two
5.) Slow Burn
6.) Hide
7.) Every Band We Ever Loved Is Selling Out and Breaking Up
8.) Those Who Know Better
9.) California Wildfire
10.) Switch Kids
11.) This Ain't A Scene
12.) Fine Print
13.) "NYE Countdown"
14.) Working Part Time
15.) Something In the Water
16.) I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles)
17.) Summer Of '69 (Bryan Adams)
18.) Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)
19.) Holidays In the Sun (Sex Pistols)
20.) California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys)
21.) I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells/Tiffany)
22.) Ruby Soho (Rancid)
23.) It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)(R.E.M.)
24.) Disco 2000 (Pulp)
25.) Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
26.) When Doves Cry (Prince)
27.) Basket Case (Green Day)
28.) Don't Stop Believin (Journey)
29.) E: Born To Run) (Bruce Springsteen)

The Henry Clay People - I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles) by recordingla

The Henry Clay People - Just Like Heaven (The Cure) by recordingla