Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Manhattan Murder Mystery 10/02/10 - 12th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival (The Ship Stage), Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Manhattan Murder Mystery myspace)

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Last Saturday (along with the previously-posted Seasons), Manhattan Murder Mystery played as part of this year's line-up at the 12th annual Eagle Rock Music Festival. We aren't exactly strangers to the music of Manhattan Murder Mystery (having heard a couple of their songs covered at previous "Undercovered" shows) or their front-man Matthew Teardrop (who was part of the band collaboration "When Captain Geech Met Teardrop" at last year's incarnation of this festival) - however, this is the first time we gotten a recording of one of their performances. Manhattan Murder Mystery has been a fixture on the Silverlake/Echo Park/Highland Park music scene for quite some time, with other writers saying that "every Manhattan Murder Mystery show is like a battle royal...A wonderful, scummy battle royal" (Radio Free Silverlake), "This band can really rock the hell out of a venue, but the songwriting is strong and creative and never takes second place." (Feed Your Head), and "[they] rile up crowds with an intense combination of fast, tinny drums, banjos, bongos and power-chord pop anthems that respectfully regurgitate the Pixies and the Cult [and]craft an onstage intensity through the course of their live show that’s undeniably solid, not to mention totally infectious, rowdy and engaging." (LA Weekly)

The set for this performance was a compilation of some of their more well-known songs such as "Parking Lot" (which included Mr. Teardrop's trademark stage diving and "running off" just before the song ended) Also featured was the song "Owen Hart," which was presented as "a hyper-angular guitar jangle and lyrics from the perspective of deceased wrestler Owen Hart." A fun show and great introduction to those who may be unfamiliar with their music.

1.) Smoky Mountain MP3
2.) Ambulance MP3
3.) Your Mother's Neck MP3
4.) Owen Hart MP3
5.) Parking Lot MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

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