Monday, October 11, 2010

Belle and Sebastian 10/05/10 - Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood ,CA.

(Photo: Belle and Sebastian Myspace)

Last week, Belle and Sebastian played at Hollywood Forever Cemetery to a sold-out crowd of approximately 2500 people (rough estimate) and at least one goose (yes, there was a very calm yet sociable goose in the audience - and no, I'm still not sure if it lives there or someone smuggled it in) who braved the cold weather and possibility of showers (it ended up not raining, thank goodness - though, during the performance frontman Stuart Murdoch expressed his concern that the audience might be cold) Granted, it might seem odd to see a concert; however, for those unfamiliar, Hollywood Forever is no ordinary cemetery - many famous and/or wealthy persons are buried there, and people often come to tour and picnic among the many ornate grave monuments. The cemetery also hosts many cultural events, other concerts, and film screenings (prior to Belle and Sebastian taking the stage, the film Trainspotting was screened onto one of the buildings next to the stage - an appropriate selection)

I first started listening to Belle and Sebastian when someone recommending getting their recently-released Books E.P. The infectious melodies grabbed me, but it wasn't until the next year when they were touring that I decided to seek out more of their music. While their two local stops at the Wiltern were sold out, it turned out they had added an in-store at the L.A. outpost of Amoeba Music, so I went to that instead - and it was at this particular show where Mr. Murdoch looked upon the at-capacity crowd and asked "Don't any of you people have to work?" (the show took place in the afternoon in the middle of the week) Oh Stuart, if you only knew.

Later that summer, I was fortunate enough to attend their biggest performance yet, at the Hollywood Bowl backed up by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It was amazing of course, the combined forces of the venue, the band, and the Philharmonic, making for an incredible and memorable evening. Little did I know at the time, it would be quite awhile before we saw them again - until now.

The setlist for this show, which in some quarters has been described as "a fan's dream" and "spanned the length of their catalog." As speculated, and also appropriately enough, they opened with "Sukie in the Graveyard," and closed with "Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying." Oddly enough (or perhaps not), only a very few songs from their about-to-be-released (though, it will be by the time most of you read this) new album Write About Love. We would have liked to have heard "Step Into My Office, Baby" like those got to hear at the Hollywood Palladium two nights before, or perhaps "Ease Your Feet In The Sea" (which would have been a stretch actually), but it's okay - the show was great anyway, and turned out pretty well (there might be a touch of crowd noise here and there)

1.) Intro by string section FLAC MP3
2.) Sukie in the Graveyard FLAC MP3
3.) Write About Love FLAC MP3
4.) Like Dylan in the Movies FLAC MP3
5.) "Tossing footballs in the crowd" interlude FLAC MP3
6.) I'm not Living in the Real World FLAC MP3
7.) If You're Feeling Sinister FLAC MP3
8.) Lord Anthony FLAC MP3
9.) I Didn't See It Coming FLAC MP3
10.) Funny Little Frog FLAC MP3
11.) "Happy Birthday" interlude FLAC MP3
12.) She's Losing It FLAC MP3
13.) Mayfly FLAC MP3
14.) We Rule the School FLAC MP3
15.) Dog on Wheels FLAC MP3
16.) The Boy with the Arab Strap FLAC MP3
17.) There's Too Much Love FLAC MP3
18.) The State I Am In FLAC MP3
19.) Sleep the Clock Around FLAC MP3
20.) "Encore Break" FLAC MP3
21.) E: Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying FLAC MP3
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  1. Wow... you just put the biggest smile on my face... I took my recorder to the concert, and the batteries gave up by "Like Dylan in the Movies"... when they played "We rule the school" I cried like a baby. I've been listening them since 2001 in Argentina, and once I moved to LA (in 2006), I had to wait 'till this year to see them...

    THANKS A TON... This is going to my iPod right now, and this blog to my favorites!