Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Agent Ribbons 11/07/09 - American Legion Hall Post 206 Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Earlier this month, Agent Ribbons performed at the American Legion Hall Post 206 in Highland Park as part of their recently-wrapped U.S. tour. We of course are no strangers to the Sacramento-based Agent Ribbons, having posted about them back in June. They were part of a night that was a well-curated line-up that included Los Angeles's Kissing Cousins, Birds & Batteries (San Francisco), and Rademacher (Fresno and Los Angeles) (and one that almost seems to span almost most of the state of California, heh)

Like back in June, Agent Ribbons played as a duo (they added a violinist awhile back, but she wasn't present for this show), and the setlist included many of the same old and newer songs played. What was different though was the addition of a "very brand new song" "I'm Alright," and a live version of "That's Not Edgar's Heart," which was from the 7-inch vinyl release "Agent Ribbons and the Star-Crossed Doppleganger". All in all, a very good show.

1.) The World Is A Cigarette FLAC MP3
2.) Boy With The Wooden Lips FLAC MP3
3.) Grey Gardens FLAC MP3
4.) Birds and Bees FLAC MP3
5.) I'm Alright FLAC MP3
6.) That's Not Edgar's Heart FLAC MP3
7.) Your Hands My Hands FLAC MP3
8.) Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus FLAC MP3
9.) Wood Lead Rubber FLAC MP3
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sondre Lerche 10/30/07 - Amoeba Music, Hollywood, CA.

From the archives.

Awhile back, we posted an older in-store performance of Sondre Lerche's. Now, we are presenting another one; only this show is a little newer and was promoting different albums of his. Unlike the previous one however, this was a solo acoustic show at the infamously huge Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

At the time, Sondre Lerche had recently released two albums in close tandem with each other - Phantom Punch and the soundtrack to the film Dan In Real Life. . The setlist for this show of course reflects that - "Say It All" and "Tragic Mirror" from the former, and "To Be Surprised" and "My Hands Are Shaking" from the latter. ("Airport Taxi Reception" appeared on both albums) Throw in a couple of older tunes (from his first full-length album Faces Down) and you have a nice little list of songs.

1.) To Be Surprised FLAC MP3
2.) My Hands Are Shaking FLAC MP3
3.) Say It All FLAC MP3
4.) Tragic Mirror FLAC MP3
5.) Airport Taxi Reception FLAC MP3
6.) You Know So Well FLAC MP3
7.) Modern Nature FLAC MP3
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Karabal Nightlife 10/27/09 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA. (all T-Rex cover set)

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Last week, The Karabal Nightlife performed a set of cover songs by T-Rex at The Echo, as part of a night featuring four different Los Angeles-based bands performing as different classic rock bands. Not being familiar with T-Rex's music, I didn't really know what to expect. However, I had heard of The Karabal Nightlife before, and was curious to see them play (even if it wasn't their own material)

As mentioned previous, while I wasn't familiar with the songs being covered, this set was a good way to kick off the evening. As said at Radio Free Silverlake, the band did "a scary and accurate resurrection of the popular glam rockers" even though "Marc Bolan (lead singer)...had been dead for over 30 years." "The audience ate it up and enthusiastically urged the band on." Short, but fun set.

1.) Mambo Sun MP3
2.) Rabbit Fighter MP3
3.) Dandy In The Underworld MP3
4.) Electric Warrior MP3
5.) Children of the Revolution MP3
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra 10/27/09 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA. (mostly Fleetwood Mac cover set)

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Last week, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra performed a cover set of songs by Fleetwood Mac at The Echo, as part of a night featuring four different Los Angeles-based bands performing as different classic rock bands. In contrast, earlier this year we posted a set of cover songs of other bands of L.A. performed by this band (as part of Radio Free Silverlake's "Undercovered" night) Being somewhat familiar with most of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits, I was curious to see how this would sound.

Their set did not disappoint - if anything, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra's versions of these songs sounded better than the originals. Highlights were "Say You Love Me," "Rhiannon," and "Little Lies." The only song I wasn't familiar with was "Tusk," which was performed with a mini marching band/brass section.

Vocals were a little low in the mix, but don't let that stop you from downloading this show.

1.) Tusk MP3
2.) Dreams MP3
3.) Say You Love Me MP3
4.) Rhiannon MP3
5.) Little Lies MP3
6.) Go Your Own Way MP3
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Voyeurs 10/27/09 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA. (mostly Creedence Clearwater Revival cover set)

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Last week, The Voyeurs performed a cover set of songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival (with the exception of the final tune "I Put A Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins - which was done "in the spirit of Halloween") as part of a pre-Halloween show at The Echo. The night featured four different Los Angeles-based bands performing as different classic rock bands. As a causal (radio) listener of Creedence Clearwater Revival, I was curious to see how some of these songs would be interpreted, and was pleasantly surprised.

The Voyeurs played a set of song culled from some of Creedence Clearwater Revival's greatest hits, including "Bad Moon Rising," "Lookin' Out My Back Door," and "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." From the perspective of the crowd, it was the energetic high point of the night (Though, The Monolator's set of ABBA covers beforehand certainly was a contributing factor to the crowd's energy) Although, not a Creedence Clearwater Revival song, a jammed-out version of "I Put A Spell On You" put a satisfying cap on the band's time slot.

1.) Fortunate Son MP3
2.) Bad Moon Rising MP3
3.) Lodi MP3
4.) Green River MP3
5.) Lookin' Out My Back Door MP3
6.) Travelin' Band MP3
7.) Down On The Corner MP3
8.) Have You Ever Seen The Rain MP3 (fixed link)
9.) I Put A Spell On You MP3

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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Monolators 10/27/09 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA. (all ABBA cover set)

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Last week, The Monolators took part in a showed billed as a pre-Halloween concert that featured four well-known Los Angeles indie bands performing as four different bands from the past. For this occasion, The Monolators took on the material of the Swedish pop hit makers ABBA. Being no stranger to either ABBA or The Monolator's music, I was curious to see and hear how this would be pulled off.

I have to confess I have a sort of love/hate relationship with ABBA. The only real reason I'm somewhat familiar with their catalog is because I've either heard them on the radio, or was forced to listen to them on car trips when I was much younger. Heck, the only reason I saw the film version of Mamma Mia! was because Dominic Cooper had a supporting role in it (and after sitting through the entire thing, I was convinced I was almost scarred for life) It's not that I think ABBA is bad or anything - they simply aren't everyone's cup of tea (and if I hear their music too long I go stir crazy)

Anyway, The Monolators delivered a short but good set of their take of some of ABBA's greatest hits. A definite highlight was their version of "Dancing Queen," interjected with The Monolator's traditional punk/garage rock style. "Fernando," "The Winner Takes It All," and "Take A Chance On Me" stayed near the confines of their providence as ballads, but stepped into rock territory.

In interest of full disclosure, "Dancing Queen" contained a few popping sounds, but they were minimized in post-production.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) Take A Chance On Me MP3
3.) Does Your Mother Know MP3
4.) The Winner Takes It All MP3
5.) Tiger MP3
6.) Fernando MP3
7.) Dancing Queen MP3
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