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Sondre Lerche 5/20/06 - Border's Books, Hollywood, CA.

From the archives.

Awhile back, Sondre Lerche played this in-store set at the Hollywood location of Border's Books in support of his latest release (at the time) Duper Sessions. The reason I'm posting this one is twofold - it was a request, and I've been partial to Sondre Lerche for quite some time. It was a nice little show as I remember, perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

I first heard of Sondre Lerche back in 2003, oddly enough through through Jason Mraz (I think Sondre opened some shows for him back then) That didn't really make much of an impression on me at that moment; however, later on while browsing through some CD's at a local music shop, I happen upon his first release Faces Down. For some reason I decided to take a chance and purchase it, and I've been listening to him and attending shows of his ever since (the latter rather sporadically - I never get to see him live as much as I'd like to)

The majority of this set was culled from Duper Sessions because, of course, the show was a promotion for the album. However, a couple of songs ("She's Fantastic" and "The Tape") were performed as a sort of preview from the next album he released soon after that, entitled Phantom Punch. This show could be best described as a "semi-acoustic" duo one - Kato Adland provided electric guitar and some backing vocals.

There is a little crowd ambiance in the background, but the music was loud enough to overpower most of it.

1.)Introduction FLAC MP3
2.)Everybody's Rooting For You FLAC MP3
3.)Minor Detail FLAC MP3
4.)Across The Land FLAC MP3
5.)Dead End Mystery FLAC MP3
6.)I'm Not From Here FLAC MP3
7.)(I Wanna) Call It Love FLAC MP3
8.)She's Fantastic FLAC MP3
9.)The Tape FLAC MP3
10.)Lulu-Vise FLAC MP3
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