Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pity Party 10/03/09 - 11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival - Pep Boys - The Ship Stage, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo by "happyjed1")

In our third, and possibly final installment on our look at the 11th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival this month, we feature the Los Angeles-based duo The Pity Party. Some may recall that half of the The Pity Party had already been mentioned here, when drummer Heinsenflei played with The Raveonettes on their mini-tour back in January. Here, though, we look at a proper show of theirs.

Ironically enough, I first heard of The Pity Party (not unlike Leslie and the Badgers) at the 2007 version of the Eagle Rock Music Festival, when they played on the Emerging Stage. Admittedly, I didn't give them much of a chance(I only listened to them perform one song before wandering off) at the time; so, when I saw that they were on the line-up again this year, I was determined to give them another chance. And I'm glad I did, for this set was a marked improvement over the previous one. Web-In-Front gave a good description of them, saying "great rhythmic noise-pop with fractured guitar lines, darkly seductive lyrics and Hesenflei’s howled vocals and tribal drums."

A couple of notes - this performance took place near the tail end of the festival, so there is a bit of crowd chatter. Also, there was some buzzing/feedback on a couple of songs.

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2.) Dronebots FLAC MP3
4.) ??? FLAC MP3
5.) Wanting Want FLAC MP3
6.) Love Lies FLAC MP3
7.) Yours, That Works FLAC MP3
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