Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Raveonettes 1/24/09 - The Music Box @ The Fonda, Hollywood, CA.

I first heard of The Raveonettes back in 2002 or '03 when I pick up their "Whip It On" EP on a whim. I remember liking it well enough; however, I suppose it wasn't enough to buy the released-shorty-thereafter full-length "Chain Gang Of Love" (that, plus I had heard someone describe it as "being too commerical" or something) I didn't really listen to them again until a few years later when (again, on a whim) I got the "50's and 60's"- influenced "Pretty In Black."

With that, I finally got to see them live in 2007 at one of the Little Radio Summercamp shows, which precluded the release of their last full-length "Lust Lust Lust." I saw them again last year also at the very hot (literally) Make Music Festival in Pasadena - although briefly, because I had a previous engagement later that evening. Those particular shows from that period are notable because Sharin Foo's sister Louise was filling in for her because Sharin was pregnant at the time. (I didn't get to record this particular show, but a source is floating around online) Also last year, they also released 4 ep's ("Remixed," "Beauty Dies," "Sometimes They Drop By," and a Christmas-themed one)

So, the Fonda show. This was the last of a mini-east and west coast tour, and the last before recording their next album. Show feature Jennifer (from Zaza and ex-The Warlocks) on bass, and Heinsenflei on drums (who is best known from the Los Angeles-based band The Pity Party). Good show, but pretty short (just under an hour), which seems like it was norm for the tour. Like the previously-posted Autolux show from the same venue, I think it sounds pretty good, though I think The Fonda should maybe look into upgrading their sound system.

1.) You Say You Lie FLAC MP3
2.) Dead Sound FLAC MP3
3.) Hallucinations FLAC MP3
4.) Here Comes Mary FLAC MP3
5.) Black Satin FLAC MP3
6.) Noisy Summer FLAC MP3
7.) Black/White FLAC MP3
8.) Love In A Trashcan FLAC mp3
9.) Attack Of The Ghost Riders FLAC MP3
10.) Lust FLAC MP3
11.) My Tornado FLAC MP3
12.) Young And Beautiful FLAC MP3
13.) Twilight FLAC MP3
14.) E: Love Can Destroy Everything* FLAC MP3
15.) E: Aly, Walk With Me FLAC MP3

*Sune and Sharin only


  1. Hey thanks for sharing this. Love the Raveonettes

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  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent and pretty rare Raveonettes stuff. Great sound, great show !