Friday, January 16, 2009


Hi, and welcome to Recording LA. I created this blog to share my past and present experiences recording live music (audio) primarily in the Los Angeles area, and to share said recordings. The blog may seem a little sparse right now, but hopefully it will grow into a bigger resource as time goes on.

I first started recording concerts a few years ago, after noticing that some really good shows I was attending were seemingly going unarchived. I started out very slowly with some "beginner" recording equipment, and went on from there (though, admittedly it took me longer to grasp the basics of transferring and converting recordings than I would have liked) I now operate two sets of recording "rigs" (ones that are "cheaper" and "more expensive") I have curated a couple of large collections on the Live Music Archive, and have shared countless others through bit torrent and other places. It's always nice to hear the appreciation people have for live recordings of their favorite artists.

However, this hobby of mine has had it's downsides. Recording is not particularly easy do at most venues in the L.A. area, unless you go through a bunch of "red tape." Most simply outright don't allow it, and have seemingly adopted more stringent policies about this over the years (and has started to apply to most photography and videotaping as well) Needless to say, it's very frustrating, and if it were a perfect world, all venues would be open to all sorts of audio/video recording and photography. However, since it's not, one has to adapt (and no, for privacy concerns, I will not go into detail on this) Believe me, it's annoying to have to post as an anonymous persona, but again, privacy concerns.

Anyway, sit back, listen, and enjoy.

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