Thursday, June 25, 2009

Agent Ribbons 6/15/09 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA.

Last Monday, Agent Ribbons opened for Castledoor on the third night of their the latter's June residency. Fresh off a national tour opening for Camera Obscura, they were a last-minute addition to that night's line-up, and played a great, if short set. Having waited a long time to actually see one of their performances, it was worth it.

I first heard of Agent Ribbons awhile ago, while stumbling upon a listing for them someplace. Thinking that the name sounded interesting (honestly, this is how I have started listening to many a band), I looked them up. After became especially curious after reading that one of their influences was The Ditty Bops (of whom I've seen and recorded the most), I knew should check out their music. I picked up their debut album On Time Travel and Romance, and the gorgeous 7-inch pressing The Star Crossed Doppelganger, I was curious to see a live show.

However, this proved to be a bit problematic. Agent Ribbons hail from Sacramento, and didn't seem to do shows in Los Angeles that often (though, this appears to have changed a bit as of late) I tried to see them sometime early last year when they announced they were doing a last-minute show near the downtown area - and when I got down there, I couldn't find the location. Later that year, I tried to attend a show again at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake - and they ended up going on late, and I had to leave early. Finally, this Spaceland show came up, and being at a very convenient time, I went. (Originally, I was going to go to the Camera Obscura show they opened for at The Fonda, but ended up not being too crazy about C.O.'s latest release)

As stated previously, this was a short set but a good one. The duo pretty much evenly between material from their first album and newer songs. Speaking of, it was mentioned that had added a violinist to their group recently, but she was not playing with them that night - so, in effect the audience was treated to a "classic" sort of Agent Ribbons show. All in all, the performance reminded me a lot of a cross between the aforementioned The Ditty Bops, and The White Stripes.

This recording came out extraordinary good, so it is highly recommended and well worth the download.

1.) The World Is A Cigarette FLAC MP3
2.) Birds and Bees FLAC MP3
3.) Grey Gardens FLAC MP3
4.) Boy with the Wooden Lips FLAC MP3
5.) Your Hands My Hands FLAC MP3
6.) Obituary FLAC MP3
7.) Wallpaper of Skin FLAC MP3
8.) Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus FLAC MP3
9.) Wood Lead Rubber FLAC MP3
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  1. Thanks for this. I discovered them a while ago and while this goes against just about everything I like about music, they absolutely amazing.

  2. I’m going to see them tomorrow at 'o meu Mercedes…' Porto.