Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sara Lov 3/26/07 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA.

From the archives.

I first heard of Sara Lov as one-half of the duo Devics, who's music I discovered sometime in the Spring 2006, when their last studio album Push The Heart was released. I was supposed to see them on my birthday that year with the guy I was seeing at the time (he was a fan of them too) Unfortunately, he decided to break up with me ON my actual birthday, so I ended up not attending the show. (ain't love grand?)

Moving on, I did end up seeing them at the Knitting Factory a couple months later; however, I ended up having more battery trouble (yet again) and didn't get a good recording. Shortly afterward, Devics announced they were going on "indefinite hiatus" and I wasn't too thrilled with not having another opportunity to see them again any time soon. However, Sara Lov started her solo career the next year, and since her music is pretty similar to the Devics sound, it's a wonderful substitute.

This show was one of her first solo performances in LA (or maybe the first, I'm not sure) She was opening for her Devics partner Dustin O'Halloran (who performed his "Piano Solos" work that evening), so in a way it was kind of like a Devics show. Ms. Lov performed a short acoustic set that showcased some of the material that ended up on the recently-released full-length Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming, along with an haunting a cappella version of the Billie Holiday cover "Good Morning Heartache" Collaborator Zach Rae joined her onstage for a couple of songs, and Mr. O'Halloran sat in on one as well.

This one came out really well, so it's a highly recommended download.

1.) Good Morning Heartache (Billie Holiday) FLAC MP3
2.) Tell Me How FLAC MP3
3.) Why Can't I Be FLAC MP3
4.) Touched FLAC MP3
5.) Frankie FLAC MP3
6.) New York FLAC MP3
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