Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sondre Lerche 10/30/07 - Amoeba Music, Hollywood, CA.

From the archives.

Awhile back, we posted an older in-store performance of Sondre Lerche's. Now, we are presenting another one; only this show is a little newer and was promoting different albums of his. Unlike the previous one however, this was a solo acoustic show at the infamously huge Amoeba Records in Hollywood.

At the time, Sondre Lerche had recently released two albums in close tandem with each other - Phantom Punch and the soundtrack to the film Dan In Real Life. . The setlist for this show of course reflects that - "Say It All" and "Tragic Mirror" from the former, and "To Be Surprised" and "My Hands Are Shaking" from the latter. ("Airport Taxi Reception" appeared on both albums) Throw in a couple of older tunes (from his first full-length album Faces Down) and you have a nice little list of songs.

1.) To Be Surprised FLAC MP3
2.) My Hands Are Shaking FLAC MP3
3.) Say It All FLAC MP3
4.) Tragic Mirror FLAC MP3
5.) Airport Taxi Reception FLAC MP3
6.) You Know So Well FLAC MP3
7.) Modern Nature FLAC MP3
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  1. can you please please please please let me know when this will be up again? Are you going to record him next month? REALLY hope so!


  2. 1.) I don't know, I have to find a copy (harddrive issues)

    2.) Not sure at this point.