Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seasons 5/30/10 - Undercovered II, All-Star Lanes, Los Angeles, CA.

( Photo: Eliot Glass via Season's Myspace )

(First and foremost, I want to apologize for my longer-than I thought hiatus/lack of posting on the blog. "Real life" got kind of busy for awhile, and show-going/posting fell by the wayside. I hope to get back on track and try to remedy that for the time being.)

Last month, Seasons were part of the line-up for Undercovered II (where Los Angeles-area bands cover other Los Angeles-area bands)at All-Star Lanes, which included Rademacher (Malcolm Sosa solo), George Glass, The Hectors, and One Trick Pony. As the reader might recall, we fully covered this event in it's inaugural outing last year, and were looking forward to this year's presentation. In addition to an expanded number of bands playing, this event also served as an benefit for Huntington's disease research.

First up to play this evening was Seasons. Much has been written about the Highland Park band, ranging from being "one of the more ubiquitous bands in the L.A. scene. Their sound is a pure product of their influences, a fusion of indie rock, 80's synth, folk rock, and garage blues -- so if you're thinking Beck, you're in the right neighborhood" to "[they are a glorious mess.The seven- or (sometimes) eight-piece makes lovingly off-kilter neo-psychedelia full of palpable energy and exposed nerves, startlingly pretty one moment and earplug-worthy cacophonous the next. When these guys nail it they are calamitously good." Their set covered a range of beloved L.A.-area bands, including previously-posted The Movies, Castledoor, and The Monolators.

For an more in-depth report, check out Lord Growing's post about the night at The 704.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) Energy Trade ( The Health Club ) MP3
3.) Get Your Macho Out ( The Movies ) MP3
4.) Remember When ( Castledoor ) MP3
5.) Ambulance ( Manhattan Murder Mystery ) MP3
6.) Eagle Fighting Zebra ( The Monolators ) MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available upon request.

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