Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Trick Pony 1/30/10 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA.

Last Saturday, One Trick Pony played a show at The Hotel Cafe. (well, technically since it was after midnight it was on Sunday, but since they were on Saturday's bill, we'll just leave it at that) The first time I had heard of One Trick Pony was when one of their songs "Loose Talk" was covered by Death To Anders at Radio Free Silverlake's "Undercovered" show last year. The next month I only caught some of their set at the first of (with The Monolators) the Where Gallery "Exposure" shows, but was intrigued enough to want to catch them again, and the opportunity finally presented itself this past weekend.

However, I do have a bit to say on the venue that is The Hotel Cafe. I still like this place, I truly do, despite the way it's changed over the years. While it has still retained a few of it's laid-back qualities that defined it as more of a "coffeehouse"-type place in it's infancy, since becoming a more popular "scene" type of place, a lot has not changed for the better. (this was subtlety referenced by lead singer Randolph Pennyworth when he mentioned between songs "weathering that whole wave of douche outside") I suppose it can't helped, things change, especially when they become more popular. It still stings a little though.

Nevertheless,it was a fun show - lots new/newer songs (including some from the recently released album Full Of Life. Some crowd chatter present through to varying degrees (see text file for more info)

1.) Loose Talk MP3
2.) Phonebook MP3
3.) Masonry MP3
4.) Andrew Jackson MP3
5.) Get Over Yourself MP3
6.) Crepehangers MP3
7.) Children Pt. II MP3
8.) Diagonal Waves MP3
Text File

FLAC (loseless) files available upon request (by e-mail)