Friday, May 15, 2009

The Ditty Bops 4/26/09 - McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA. (7:00 PM show)

(Photo by Eric Meacham)

The early show played before this one. Setlist isn't really much different, although the "ugly art auction" was done in two parts and there was more unique banter in this one, including praise for Los Angele's wildly popular Kogi BBQ trucks. Yay.

Levels adjusted after the 1st song.

For this show, right-click and save-as.

1.)When's She Comin' Home FLAC MP3
2.)Ain't No Good FLAC MP3
3.)Somebody's Gone FLAC MP3
4.)Seventh Ray FLAC MP3
5.)The Pretty Girl Got Away (tentative title) FLAC MP3
6.)Indigo Eyes (tentative title) FLAC MP3
7.)Take My Hand Monchichi FLAC MP3
8.)Because We Do FLAC MP3
9.)King Of The Sea FLAC MP3
10.)Dancing In The Moon FLAC MP3
11.)Heaven Isn't For The Angels FLAC MP3
12.)Sugar and Spice FLAC MP3
13.)"Amanda's Ugly Art Auction" FLAC MP3
14.)Still In Love (tentative title) FLAC MP3
15.)Heart On My Sleeve (tentative title) FLAC MP3
16.)Gotta Get Out Of Here (tentative title) FLAC MP3
17.)Growing Upside Down FLAC MP3
18.)Skinny Bones -> Feel From The Outside In (slight tease) FLAC MP3
20.)The Next Best Thing FLAC MP3
21.)Dreamy Doll (tentative title) FLAC MP3
22.)I'm Blue (tentative title) FLAC MP3
23.)"Amanda's Ugly Art Auction Part II" FLAC MP3
24.)Shout, Sister, Shout (The Boswell Sisters cover) FLAC MP3
25.)Summer Rains FLAC MP3
26.)E: Pink Motor Helmet FLAC MP3
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