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Autolux 12/20/05 - The Wiltern LG, Los Angeles, CA.

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From the archives.

A few years ago, Autolux was the opener for a pair of infamous back-to-back Queens Of The Stone Age shows at The Wiltern. We here are no strangers to Autolux, having posted an headlining show of theirs at The Fonda a year ago. While my main motivation at the time of attending these shows was for QOTSA, I decided to record Autolux because I had seen them not that long ago opening for QOTSA and Nine Inch Nails, and were a bit familiar with them.

The setlist was pretty standard for an opening set - most of songs were culled from their debut (and only full-length) album Future Perfect. Only a couple of songs were not from the album, including "Reappearing" - which has been rumored to be on their long-delayed sophomore release Transit Transit

Alternatively, the QOTSA sets were re-posted to recently - they can be found here (12.19.05) and here (12.20.05) (both require registration to view and download)

1.) Intro FLAC MP3
2.) Instrumental FLAC MP3
3.) Plantlife FLAC MP3
4.) Blanket FLAC MP3
5.) Robots In The Garden FLAC MP3
6.) Capital Kind Of Strain FLAC MP3
7.) Subzero Fun FLAC MP3
8.) Turnstile Blues FLAC MP3
9.) Reappearing FLAC MP3
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  1. I have been downloading some sets from your blog. Some great material!

    Of this particular Autolux set, however, the FLAC versions of the second and third tracks don't work.

    Would it be possible to upload these to MediaFire again?

    Thank you.