Monday, April 5, 2010

Warpaint 3/29/10 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Jeff Koga)

Last week, Warpaint helped close out Moonrats month-long Monday night residency at Spaceland. This show was a particularly important one for a couple of reasons - it was the last one they will have done in their hometown of Los Angeles for awhile (before touring part of the U.S/Europe,and introduced new material. We of course are no strangers to Warpaint, having posted a show of theirs at the same venue last August (which actually proved to be a very popular download)

Warpaint has been described as a shoegazey, "jammy, psychedelic dreamy riffage indie band," and this was well demonstrated at this show. They are due to release their debut LP next summer (an EP of theirs entitled Exquisite Corpse was made available back in October)Show itself was quite good, there may be some chatter in the background.

Update 3/31/11: This show is no longer available due to label/management issues.


  1. Thanks much!

    I love that description too, it's from Paul Beahan (Manimal Vinyl).

    Btw they're playing a show at The Bootleg Theater on May 8, so before the Europe tour. It's only been announced by The Fold on Twitter, advance tickets on sale.