Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tribute to The Movies (Various Artists) 6/25/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

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A few weeks ago (yes, I know, it's been awhile since the last post here - blame it on a combination of being sick/procrastination) "Tribute to The Movies" took place at The Satellite in Los Angeles. Several bands and artists came together to pay tribute to the now-defunct Los Angeles-based band The Movies. While our experiences with The Movies have been limited (we saw frontman Timothy James do a solo set over two years ago) they have been described as "legendary in Los Angeles" and "entirely idealized—purported to be larger than life." Regardless, it was a very emotional evening.

Due to the, er, boisterous nature of this event, this was a challenging show to record. Each band/artist was recorded and mastered separately (with fade ins and outs applied between each "set") - thus, sound levels will vary. The beginning of "Truth Knocking" was cut due to one of the night's performers who shall remain nameless whispering in my left ear. Approximately 14 seconds of "Get Your Macho Out" was cut due an audience member telling me, and I quote "The majority of those musicians on stage are completely unprofessional - why aren't you up there with them?" (yes, this really happened)

Photo gallery from the show
"Remembering The Movies Part I" (reflections on The Movies from tribute show performers)
"Remembering The Movies Part II"

Full show download here.

Death To Anders
1.) Rock in the Slingshot MP3

Scott Watson (Hall Of Fame)
2.) Midnight Bloody Murder MP3
3.) Secretariat MP3

4.) Intro to... MP3
5.) Tired Of Being Superstitious MP3
6.) When I Was In Nam MP3

Light FM
7.) Missed Oportunities MP3

Brian Thornell (Wrong Way Driver)
8.) A Better Life MP3

Cardoza (feat. members of One Trick Pony and George Glass)
9.) Timothy James MP3
10.) Ed (I Can't Find Those Lyrics) MP3
11.) Autograph MP3

Manhattan Murder Mystery
12.) The Right Equipment MP3
13.) American Oil MP3
14.) The Kid Who Liked Christmas MP3

Sarah Negadari & Charlie Mahoney (The Happy Hollows)
15.) Limousine MP3

Brian Canning & Claire McKeown (Shadow Shadow Shade)
16.) Truth Knocking
17.) Pass The Music MP3
18.) Monumental Life MP3

Amusement Parks On Fire
19.) Scary Footsteps MP3
20.) Creation Lake MP3

Wet and Reckless
21.) Intro to... MP3
22.) Don't Steal My Licks MP3
23.) If I Had the Cash MP3

"Encore Jam" (w/various performers of the night, plus guest vocalist Seamus Simpson of Smokers In Love)
24.) Get Your Macho Out MP3
25.) Scary Footsteps MP3

Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

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