Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seasons 1/30/12 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Seasons facebook)

A few days ago, Feed Your Head presented the final night of Seasons's Monday night January residency at The Echo. And what a night it was - joined by guest including a trombone player and string section, it was a fitting cap to that month's succession of performances - previous shows had the band performing each night one of their "season" (see what I did there) titled E.P.s in their entirety. (the fourth in the series, "Autumn," was release January 2nd) We have been supporters of Seasons for quite some time, and it's been far too long since we last saw them.

Taking a festively decorated stage that included microphone stands wrapped in calla lilies, colored lights, a cardboard sun (that ended up in the audience towards the end of the set) and a festooned pumpkin near the foot of, Seasons played a set that was a sampling of their four aforementioned albums. The addition of the guest musicians added an extra layer and texture that was almost hypnotizing - particularly the calypso sounding "Number Of The Beat." For fans old and new, this recording is a must-listen.

Full show download here.
(FLAC files available by request.)

Of Our Discontent
Number Of The Beat
Open Your Eyes
Monday Night
Real Dreams
The Sea
E: ???

Songs 1-6 featured the Josh on trombone, and Morgan, Corinne and Karen as the string section.

Seasons - Open Your Eyes (live, 1-30-12) by recordingla

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