Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seapony 8/19/12 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.


(Photo: Seapony Facebook page)

This past Sunday night, Seapony headlined The Echo's weekly "Part Time Punks" series. Seapony's music, mainly their 2011 debut release Go With Me, has been in heavy rotation at Recording L.A. headquarters for quite some time, and we were happy to see the Seattle-based band back in town after touring here almost a year ago (we caught their in-store set at Origami Vinyl) - so, this show was quite a treat. Featuring a mix of older songs and new ones from their upcoming LP Falling, the show was a great showcase of their "new-wave shoegaze"-type sound, capped off by an encore of The Field Mices' "Emma's House." (P.S. - if you like what you hear here, I encourage you to check out the releases from their old band Transmittens) Setlist below:


So Low                      
I Really Do                  
Be Alone                    
No One Will                
Prove to Me                  
Blue Star                    
With You                    
What You Wanted            
What You See                
Nobody Knows              
E: Emma's House

Download (MP3) here.

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