Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello everyone. Yes, I know - our last post was in September. Life got more complicated and busier than we thought it would be; thus, nothing until now. So, as of now, Recording L.A. isn't completely dead, it's just been on an extended, unintentional hiatus.

Now, what does that mean for the future of Recording L.A.? Well, I'm not exactly sure - admittedly, for myself and other contributors, going to concerts has taken a backseat in life priorities as of late. To be perfectly honest, running this blog is a lot of work - not only do we have to go and record the shows themselves (not an easy task considering how "unfriendly" most concert environments are), the recordings have to be transferred, mastered, tracked, have to undergo setlist/song identification (this particular task is one of the hardest and longest ones), converted, uploaded, researched, have posts put together, create streaming samples of, promoted - each post represents at least a few hours of work. We receive no real compensation for this either.

So, this blog is at a bit of a crossroads. One idea I've been toying with is moving it to a new, easier-to-deal-with, smaller format (ex. tumblr) because that seems to be where most music blogging and writing is heading. Obviously, this is all in the beginning stage, I'll hopefully get things rolling in the next few weeks - we do have a small backlog of recordings that need to be posted.

Again, to whomever is reading this, thank you for your patience - again, we aren't dead, just "resting."

-Recording L.A.

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