Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imperial Teen 7/22/06 - The Knitting Factory, West Hollywood, CA.

(Photo: Imperial Teen Myspace)

From the archives.

Awhile back, Imperial Teen headlined at the now-closed location of the Knitting Factory in West Hollywood. This show was not only a rare opportunity to see Imperial Teen play live (they haven't been performing much in recent years) - it was also a chance to (at the time) see them preview new material (that all ended up on their last release, 2007's The Hair The TV The Baby & The Band. Imperial Teen, who has been described as having a "pop aesthetic of crunchy guitar riffs and classic boy/girl harmonies," has been around for quite some time and has quite a catalog of music to their credit (much of which was showcased within this performance)

I first heard of Imperial Teen back in 2002, when I saw a review of their latest release On. I made a mental note to check it out; however, it wasn't until browsing around in a box of cd's at my local Wherehouse Music going-out-of-business sale and seeing that album reminded me to take a listen to their music. So, I bought the album, promptly fell in love with their music, and sought after the rest of their music.

When this popped up, I of course had to go. It was quite an occasion - many fans of the band showed up for this "reunion" show of sorts (they hadn't played live for quite a while proceeding it) Along with the new songs, many old favorites from previous releases (including Seasick and What Is Not To Love) were performed as well. On the technical side, there may have some minor feedback present during the show, along with some echo/reverb in the room, but don't let that stop you from downloading and listening.

1.) Introduction FLAC MP3
2.) Ivanka FLAC MP3
3.) Our Time FLAC MP3
4.) You're One FLAC MP3
5.) One Two FLAC MP3
6.) 21st Century FLAC MP3
7.) Baby FLAC MP3
8.) Yoo Hoo FLAC MP3
9.) Room With A View FLAC MP3
10.) Sugar FLAC MP3
11.) Lipstick FLAC MP3
12.) Imperial Teen FLAC MP3
13.) Water Boy FLAC MP3
14.) E: Sweet Potato FLAC MP3
15.) E: Million $ Man FLAC MP3
16.) E: Everyone Wants To Know FLAC MP3
17.) E: Butch FLAC MP3
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