Monday, January 3, 2011

Giant Drag 12/29/10 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: The Scenestar)

Last week, Giant Drag helped close out 2010 by headlining The Satellite (formerly Spaceland) in Los Angeles. Shows by Giant Drag have been few and far between in recent years, so this was a welcome opportunity to see them. We are no strangers to Giant Drag, having done a "mega"-post on them back in May 2009.

The setlist included a nice mix of the old and new from their debut LP Hearts and Unicorns and last year's (long-delayed release) Swan Song EP It's interesting to note that 2009's "Don't Come Around" has morphed into "Won't Come Around," and presumably will be on their next album (along with new song "Garbage Hearts") Good show from Giant Drag, and we hope to see more from them in 2011.

If anyone can identify the last track, drop me a line, thanks.

(Recorded by Mark P)

1.) Kevin Is Gay FLAC MP3
2.) Tired yet FLAC MP3
4.) High Friends In Places FLAC MP3
5.) My Dick Sux FLAC MP3
6.) White Baby FLAC MP3
7.) Won't Come Around FLAC MP3
8.) Garbage Hearts FLAC MP3
9.) Swan Song FLAC MP3
10.) Cordial Invitation FLAC MP3
11.) Pretty Little Neighbor FLAC MP3
12.) Stuff To Live For FLAC MP3
13.) I Want to Fuck a Guy (and I'm a guy) (cover - artist unknown. Thanks David!) FLAC MP3
Text File


  1. the last song is a cover called "I Want to Fuck a Guy (and I'm a guy)". If you Google the title, you probably will get something different. I don't know the artist.

  2. I can tell you that "Fuck a Guy" Is a Jeff 'The Captain' Watson original :) . Also I'm pretty sure "Won't Come Around" was never called "Don't Come Around"

  3. Silly question - is there a link to download the entire set as an MP3 or each track has to be done individually?

  4. Currently, it's by each track - however, I could try to put it up as an entire zipped file (it might take me awhile though)