Friday, December 31, 2010

Recording LA's Best of 2010

I didn't do this last year, but since it seems to be all the rage to do year-end best of/"top" (insert number here) lists, it made sense to try to do one. Since this was a bit of a lean year for Recording LA, this list is more of a "best of" the year, vs. a top 10+ list.

1.) Castledoor 2/22/10 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA. Admittedly, I jumped on the Castledoor bandwagon very, very late - just before this show as a matter of fact. It was a very strong, yet melancholy performance, pretty much due to the fact it was their last as a band. Obviously a must listen due to the circumstances of this show.

2.) The Happy Hollows 7/08/10 - Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA. Had seen The Happy Hollows for quite some time before this show, and combined with the venue (Hammer Museum courtyard) and the energy of the crowd, this show made for a pretty powerful performance.

3.) The Monolators 7/19/10 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA. While they were missing a band member, this particular Monolators show packed a very unique punch - it seemed to flow together just perfectly.

4.) 12th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival 10/02/10 - (in and around Colorado Blvd.) Los Angeles, CA. (Seasons, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Radars To The Sky, The Submarines, Walking Sleep)This year's line-up for the Eagle Rock Music Festival was a particularly well-curated one, especially on the Kingsize and Ship stages. All the bands turned in great performances as well.

5.) Belle and Sebastian 10/05/10 - Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, CA. Perhaps it's a bit biased to say that by default any Belle and Sebastian show would be on a year-end "best of" list, but this was one amazing show. Combining a "setlist that was any fan's dream" in an intimate and unique venue creates one incredible show.

6.) Agent Ribbons 3/09/10 - Puka Bar, Long Beach, CA. and 12/20/10 - Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA. Agent Ribbons also put on some of the best shows we've seen this year as well (they are one of our favorite bands of late) and back-to-back make for a couple of good performances.

That's all, see you next year.

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