Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Agent Ribbons 3/5/07 - Biko Garage, Isla Vista, CA.

(Photo: Kristin Cofer via Agent Ribbon's Myspace)

Awhile back, Agent Ribbons played a show at Biko Garage in Isle Vista (outside of Santa Barbara)with a few other bands. We didn't actually have anything to do with recording this show - I just found it awhile back on the community audio part of the Internet Archive. Naturally, since we have posted quite a bit about Agent Ribbons (and as recently as last week, ha ha), I thought this would be good to highlight here.

This is an interesting show for a number of reasons - one being, it appears to be the only one that exists that is more than a couple of years old. Two, while it mostly features material from their first LP On Time Travel and Romance, a few rare/unreleased songs were performed. A great blast from the past, and an essential listen for any Agent Ribbons fan.

Recorded by: Hoshwa

To download, right-click and save as.

1.) Setup MP3
2.) Soound Check Song MP3
3.) Intro MP3
4.) Worth Waiting For MP3
5.) Birds and the Bees MP3
6.) Chelsea (a.k.a. Chelsea, Let's Go Join The Circus)MP3
7.) Are You Lonely Take 1 MP3
8.) Are You Lonely MP3
9.) The Wolf MP3
10.) Obituary MP3
11.) Don't Touch Me MP3
12.) Call Me Margaret MP3
13.) Fucked Up MP3

Stream here

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