Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Californian 11/23/10 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photo: The Californian facebook)

Last month, The Californian headlined the first Tuesday night residency (presented by Radiofree Silverlake) at LaBrie's in Glendale. The Californian is a band that consists of musicians that play in many other well-regarded area bands, including The Sweet Hurt, The Bird and the Bee, The Henry Clay People, and I Make This Sound. Earlier this year they released an EP Sea Of Love , and are currently recording their first full-length album.

Here, we are highlighting one of the shows from this residency. Their music has been self-described as being one of "a modern day surf band...[a type of]surf music that had the ability to be influenced by The Beatles, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Bjork, Joy Division, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Andrew Bird, Beck, David Bowie." A very fun show, and we look forward to seeing more of The Californian in the future.

(Recorded by Mark P.)

1.) Intro by Brad MP3
2.) Everybody Loves You MP3
3.) Spin Round MP3
4.) Sea Of Love MP3
5.) Big Hell No MP3
6.) Come On MP3
7.) Goodnight MP3
8.) Coming Down MP3
9.) Honey MP3
10.) Shadow MP3
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