Thursday, December 3, 2009

Imogen Heap 11/09/09 - The Music Box @ The Fonda, Hollywood, CA.

(Update 12/03/09: Recording has been temporarily removed due to a "DMCA {Digital Millennium Copyright Act} complaint. Until/if it's resolved, the show is only available by special request only)

Last week, Imogen Heap played the first stop of her first U.S. tour (supporting the release of her new cd "Ellipse") at the The Music Box @ The Fonda in Hollywood. Originally, this show was supposed to be the second stop - the first was to be the night before in Santa Barbara; however, Ms. Heap was feeling under the weather and the show was postponed/canceled. We of course are no strangers to Imogen Heap - an older performance of hers was posted here last July.

Anyway, oddly enough I almost ended up not attending this show. The morning of the performance, Ms. Heap tweeted that "my voice is like gravel but I'm giving tonight's LA show a shot for those wondering to make the journey or not. So unfair! Sorry LA :(" Needless to say, I wasn't feeling very enthusiastic about going upon reading this news - I already wasn't in the mood to go due to work and other things. However, I didn't really wish to eat the price of the ticket, so I went down to the theatre, with the intention of perhaps trying to sell the ticket to someone who might be in need of one. As it turned, the only people looking to buy were the usual scalpers (who, as time goes on become more and more recognizable - seriously, you're not fooling anyone guys)

So, with no ticket buyers in sight, I ended up staying and attending the show. Which turned out to be a good thing, as Ms. Heap sounded much better than I thought she would, and ended up playing for almost two hours. Naturally, the setlist included most of songs from "Ellipse" (with the exception of "Earth" and "The Fire") and favorites from "Speak For Yourself" such as "Headlock", "Just For Now," and "Hide and Seek."

Like most Imogen Heap shows, sound levels are extreme. This recording tends toward the average sound - I ended up stuck in an less-than-desirable sounding area of the room, so this could have sounded better, but oh well. Crowd got loud between songs (this was the first and seemingly quickest show on the tour to sell out, so there were a lot of fans in the house)


  1. I saw her in Dallas this Tuesday. She did great. I really enjoyed her concert. The venue wasn't amazing since it was standing only (in my shoes it didn't feel amazing) but the venue capacity was 1013 people and at least 2000 were there. She played a great show. The second opening guy was not amazing at all, in fact everyone was talking to each other until he finally stopped. Imogen was absolutely wonderful...just wish there would have been some i megaphone

  2. Thanks for the great show with excellent sound!
    Slight problem with Flac track 4. It's only part.
    Thanks again.

  3. Is there a bitcomet link for this show?