Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sara Lov 12/08/09 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA.

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Apologies for the lack of posting recently - this has been a busy time of the year for us, and thus little free time = lack of going to shows and entries about them. However, a couple of weeks ago we were able to sneak out and see Sara Lov's last show of the year at The Hotel Cafe. We have posted about Sara Lov before, which was a short acoustic set from awhile back earlier this year.

This particular show was a full band one - and as noted by Ms. Lov during the show, with live musicians versus the phonograph with a recorded backing band on vinyl she used while on tour with Sea Wolf recently. Setlist consisted mostly of material from her solo debut full-length Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming, along with a cover of Air Supply's "All Out Of Love" (which she promised the audience would be a "dairy-free version")that was first posted on her myspace page. All in all, a nice little performance from Sara Lov.

1.) Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming FLAC MP3
2.) Just Beneath The Chords FLAC MP3
3.) Tell Me How FLAC MP3
4.) A Thousand Bees FLAC MP3
5.) All Out Of Love (Air Supply cover) FLAC MP3
6.) Frankie FLAC MP3
7.) Touched FLAC MP3
8.) New York FLAC MP3
9.) Fountain FLAC MP3
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  1. i was there! hopefully you stayed to see AM who was so great. he didn't cover air supply, but he is touring with AIR does that catch your attention? more great hotel cafe shows coming up in january