Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Chapin Sisters 3/07/09 - Synchronicity, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo by Katherine Levin, courtesy of thechapinsisters.com)

Earlier this year, The Chapin Sisters performed at Synchronicity Gallery, sharing the bill with the previously-posted Artichoke Heart Souffle. In a way, I sort of forgot about this show, probably because sometimes I can get lazy when it comes to setlist identification of artists I don't know much about. Listening back, it was a nice little acoustic performance, performed partially unamplified. (which means it may be on the quiet side sound-wise)

1.) Sweet Light FLAC MP3
2.) Let Me Go FLAC MP3
3.) Happy Birthday* (to Fuzzy) FLAC MP3
4.) Wash Away FLAC MP3
5.) Kill Me Now FLAC MP3
6.) I Can Feel FLAC MP3
7.) Shady River FLAC MP3
8.) Digging A Hole FLAC MP3
9.) Palm Tree FLAC MP3
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