Monday, July 26, 2010

The Franks 7/19/10 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: The Franks Facebook)

Last week, The Franks (along with The Monolators) opened for the 3rd night of Summer Darling's Monday night residency at Spaceland. The Franks are a 3-piece punk trio based in Los Angeles who just completed a tour of the West Coast (with tonight's show being the final stop and a "homecoming" of sorts) We weren't terribly familiar with The Franks previous to this performance, but must say we were pleasantly surprised with what we heard.

A little over half of their setlist was dedicated to covering in entirety their semi-recently released E.P. Duh, with a few other previously released and newer songs. Combined with a dose of possible self-deprecating banter (the song "Call Me" was introduced as being based on a story of coming home and seeing that a person you knew left a note on your door to call them, and when you call them you discover that person is dead - it doesn't sound as bleak when you listen to it, trust me), it was an attention-grabbing show for sure. We will try to catch The Franks again in the future.

1.) Cough It Up MP3
2.) ??? MP3
3.) Please, Please MP3
4.) Talk Soup MP3
5.) Jesus, Jesus MP3
6.) Call Me MP3
7.) In The City MP3
8.) Ray Gunn Radio MP3
9.) Health Sciences MP3
10.) My Friends MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

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