Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tenlons Fort 6/30/10 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA.

( Photo: Music Matters )

Last week, Tenlons Fort opened for Damien Jurado at his L.A. tour stop at Spaceland. Tenlons Fort is moniker of Jack Wilson, who has been described as a "musician, writer, director, artist and human rights activist." This was a bit of a bittersweet show, as it is going to be their last one (in Los Angeles, at least) for the foreseeable future.

Tonight's setlist was culled mostly from his recent release Shelters, which "consists of ten songs, an equal number of paintings, and a fund to raise money for homeless individuals in LA, Austin, and beyond," with "50% of record sales of Shelters LP serve[ing] as the initial donations to Tenlons Fort Shelters Fund." Past collaborator Nate Cole of Castledoor joined the band onstage on vocals for "Followed By Bad Luck." A fine performance to remember, especially since it's the last we will hear from them for awhile.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) Apple (A Potential Pen Pal) MP3
3.) Forever's Gonna Be A Long Time MP3
4.) Pain Is Still Alive MP3
5.) Read It And Weep MP3
6.) Warmth of the Dark MP3
7.) Baby It's Cool MP3
8.) You Won't Be With Me MP3
9.) Followed By Bad Luck MP3
10.) How Would You Live MP3
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FLAC (lossless)files available by request.


  1. hey cool!!! live show!! gonna download.
    just had the honor to play with aaron embry and we are each other
    opening for edward sharpe in austin.
    tenlons fort

  2. This band is amazing.