Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seasons 7/09/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Seasons Facebook page)

Last month, Seasons shared the bill with Wet & Reckless, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Wreck Of the Zephyr at The Satellite in Los Angeles. We of course are long-time fans of Seasons, having covered their shows many times before. This evening's show was a fun one, spanning material old and new.

Note: the title of track 3 is a best guess.

Recorded by Mark P.

1.) Always
2.) ?
3.) ?
4.) Of Our Discontent
5.) Tick Tick Tick
6.) India
7.) "new song"

Entire show download (mp3)
Sample: Of Our Discontent

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

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