Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radars To The Sky 4/05/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photo: Radars to the Sky Facebook)

On Tuesday night, Radars to the Sky helped kick off The Lonely Wild's April "Radio Free Silverlake presents" Tuesday night residency at LaBrie's in Glendale. It's been quite awhile since we have seen Radars to the Sky, so this was an exciting opportunity to see them again. This was a great show, full of fun highlights.

The set started with two songs from their first release, 2007's simply-titled EP. The rest of the set was for the most part (except for the "new song") composed of selections off of their debut LP that was released last year, Supra/Infra (which includes a cover of The Walkmen's "The Rat"). A couple of standouts included "Matt, You Hit Too Close to the Bone" (you can read an interesting back-story behind this song here)and the yet-to-be-titled new song, which was mostly sung by key-player/vocalist Kate Spitser in French.

1.) Basement MP3
2.) Long Walk Home MP3
3.) Mirror MP3
4.) The Apple Never Falls MP3
5.) As The Nurses Scurry MP3
6.) "Untitled New Song" MP3
7.) Matt, You Hit Too Close to the Bone MP3
8.) The Rat (The Walkmen cover)MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

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