Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pisces 6/22/12 - Center For The Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA. (Happy Hollows-related)

(Photo by Zoe-Ruth Erwin, from Pisces facebook page)

Last Friday, Pisces (the side-project of The Happy Hollows  front-woman Sarah Negahdari, which includes the members of that band) opened for Little Red Lung at the Center For The Arts Eagle Rock. Both bands were celebrating releases - for Pisces, it was their debut E.P. Flower ToesAwhile back, we did a post on Sarah Negahdari and the Sad Solids, which could be seen as a previous incarnation of Pisces (some of the songs are the same) For more on the show, check out Feed Your Head's excellent review. Setlist below:

Glen Echo                  
Paint a Rocket              
Tell Me                    
Punch Love Drunk        
Being With You*        
Wicked Fin*              
Flower Toes      

*w/Little Red Lung's Zoe-Ruth Erwin on vocals)           

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Pisces - Driver (live, 6/22/12) by recordingla 

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