Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pageants 6/16/12 - Make Music Pasadena (Old Town Pub Stage), Pasadena, CA.

Part four in a series.

(sorry, that's the best picture we could get)

In our final post (?) in our coverage of 2012 Make Music Pasadena, we present Pageants, the duo of former Avi Buffalo member Rebecca Coleman and Devin O’Brien, (though, this evening's show had an the addition of a drummer, thus making it a "trio") who describe their music as "reflect[ing] the laid-back, sun-drenched attitude of their hometown while maintaining a pathos that stems from quiet introspection" with "a sound that’s effortless and ethereal," and also earning high praise from KCRW in the form of "gorgeous soaring vocals with a familiar garage-y sound" and "layers of mellow guitars, hooky melodies and Coleman’s infectious croon." Good enough for us.

This show took place in a crowded, noisy, somewhat boomy room, and the recording may reflect that. Setlist below:

Words As Pictures                     
Deep Ring                          
Musings of the Tide                
The Doves                          
Cacti For Clothes                  
Edible Dust                        
No Wonder        

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Pageants - Cacti for Clothes (live, 6/16/12) by recordingla

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