Thursday, April 23, 2009

Avi Buffalo 3/29/09 - University of Southern California (KSCR Music Fest), Los Angeles, CA.

Admittedly, I didn't really know that much about Avi Buffalo before I saw them at this mini-music festival recently. The name was familiar, and I remembered reading someplace and being surprised to hear that all/most (?) of the band is still in high school (bet that makes for some interesting conflicts playing at most of 21+ clubs in town, heh)

Oddly enough, I first heard one of Avi Buffalo's songs as a cover, when The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra performed "Where's Your Dirty Mind?" as a part of Radio Free Silverlake's "Undercovered" night (which, of course, can be found here)It was interesting to find out that this song was one of Avi Buffalo's, and I made a mental note to try and catch one of their shows one day.

Coincidentally, KSCR Fest happened to fall on the same day I was supposed to record another show (which fell through) I must confess that I felt a bit odd walking on the campus of USC, coming from a Bruin family (the rivalry remains strong) It was a nice little event though, and the Founder's Park was a great setting (if they have more shows there I may consider going back.

This performance is just a very short but sweet acoustic one (just Avi and Rebecca) that showcases some of their material. Sound levels are somewhat extreme though - that's just the way the show unfolded.

1.)Summer Cum MP3
2.)Where's Your Dirty Mind? MP3
3.)Jessica MP3
4.)Coaxed MP3
5.)Remember Last Time MP3
Text File

FLAC (loseless) files available upon request (by e-mail)


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