Monday, April 27, 2009

Jesca Hoop 4/16/09 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA.

The third in series of four "farewell" April residency shows at The Hotel Cafe. Line-up was the same as the one on April 1st, except for the addition of Joe Karnes on bass, which added an extra layer to the proceedings. Setlist wasn't much different than from the previous shows, with the exception of one new song that I didn't recognize that Ms. Hoop played solo. Plus, we did find out the title of one of the newer songs, "Four Dreams."

As of this writing, the final show is this Wednesday, and promises to be quite a big one. It has been promised that there will be a stage full of accompanying players (including Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald of The Ditty Bops)and a longer set time of 90 minutes (her shows usually don't run as long) Should be a good one.

As always, you can find more Jesca Hoop shows here.

To download, right-click and save-as:

1.)Whispering Light FLAC MP3
2.)My Boo FLAC MP3
3.)Intelligentactile 101 FLAC MP3
4.)Four Dreams FLAC MP3
5.)Money FLAC MP3
6.)Seed Of Wonder FLAC MP3
7.)Murder Of Birds FLAC MP3
8.)New Song FLAC MP3
9.)New Song FLAC MP3
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