Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sara Bareilles 5/19/06 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA.

Another one from the archives.

I first heard of Sara Bareilles sometime in 2005, probably in association with the Hotel Cafe circuit. I didn't really know much about her at first - just that she was pretty popular within Los Angeles and especially with the UCLA crowd, and was about to/or in the midst of recording her first major label album. I didn't get to officially see her live until December 2005, during a very brief set at one of the Hotel Cafe's annual Christmas shows for charity. Saw her a few more times in 2006 and picked up her independently-released Careful Confessions. I did pick up the major-label release Little Voice in 2007, and have been sort of following her career, but haven't seen her live since '06.

The reason I'm posting this show (the three others were torrented awhile ago, maybe I'll put them up here eventually) is because of the track "Can't Change My Heart." At the time the show was recorded, I couldn't figure out what the song was called, and after I started releasing these shows, I pulled it out again to see if more information about it was released. After posting it on the Sara Bareilles message board, and after no else recognizing it, it was given the title "Can't Change My Heart" (don't know at the present time if it will turn up on a future album or elsewhere in some form)

Other notables include solo versions of "Undertow," "Love Song" and "Gravity," - plus Sara and Javier Dunn-only cover of Joni Mitchell's "A Case Of You."

Anyway, this recording came out okay - crowd was very chatty and boisterous (this was the begginning of what is mostly now the norm at the Hotel Cafe), and despite "running openly" this could have come out better. Still listenable though and a worthwhile download though.

1.) "Intro" FLAC MP3
2.) Undertow FLAC MP3
3.) Love Song FLAC MP3
4.) Love On The Rocks FLAC MP3
5.) Fairytale FLAC MP3
6.) Can't Change My Heart (tentative title) FLAC MP3
7.) Little Voice FLAC MP3
8.) A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell cover) FLAC MP3
9.) Many The Miles FLAC MP3
10.) Gravity FLAC MP3
11.) Vegas FLAC MP3
Text File


  1. Awesome upload! This girl has a voice! Thanks for the upload! This show was before she ever was famous too I believe.


  2. really cool!
    A) i wish i lived in L.A.
    B) i wish i would have known who she was back then. sara is amazing. her voice + piano = beauty. not to mention she's stunning.

  3. hello. Thanks for your posting, it was an interesting read for me, as I only got to know about Sara later half of 2012. Totally mesmerized and so I am trying as much as possible to back track and experience any older live recordings and performances, even if it was a review.

    Too bad I was too late to discover your article and missed downloading your recordings. If you ever decided to post it up again, do send me an email at

    rachael@ tokyo....