Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Earlimart 10/04/08 - 10th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival - Emerging Stage, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photos by Deedee DeGelia)

Earlimart is a long-established band in Los Angeles, and when I heard they were part of the already-stellar line-up of the 10th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival (an amazing free music and community festival held every year during the beginning of October on Colorado Blvd. in the Eagle Rock neighborhood), I was definitely intrigued. I didn't really know much about them, but having heard many good things, I was curious to see them perform, and certainly a free show seemed like the best time to do so.

Their set was short, but a good, culling songs mostly from their latest 2008 release Hymm and Her. It was raining a little bit that night and while they were playing, plus they were cut for time due to the stage schedule running over and equipment. Overall, it was a nice little show, and a good introduction to the band for those unfamiliar with them.

Interestingly enough, when I first torrented this show, a commenter remarked wondering why after being "on the scene" for ten years, why were they playing on the "Emerging Stage." Well, good question - I don't know either. Any theories? Odd placement perhaps?

Earlimart was recently approved for uploads on the Live Music Archive, and (at this time) a couple more live recordings of them can be found here.

(to download, right click and save)

1.) Intro FLAC MP3
2.) God Loves You The Best FLAC MP3
3.) Song For FLAC MP3
4.) Face Down In The Right Town FLAC MP3
5.) The Hidden Track FLAC MP3
6.) For The Birds FLAC MP3
7.) Cigarettes and Kerosene FLAC MP3
8.) Outro FLAC MP3

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