Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walking Sleep 7/29/10 - Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Walking Sleep facebook )

This week, we are showcasing a Walking Sleep show from our archives that took place a couple of years ago at Pershing Square in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It's been quite awhile since we've posted anything about Walking Sleep - we caught them at the 2010 Eagle Rock Music Festival and saw them at one of the January 2011 LaBrie's (R.I.P.) Monolators shows (recording not posted due to quality control issues) In the meantime, they did release last year Tarp Sessions (a compilation of E.P.'s that were literally recorded at a downtown tarp factory), of which a few of the songs were previewed at this performance. A nice little set from the band, of whom we hope to hear some news from soon. Setlist below:

What We Forgot

When the Breathing Stops
Shake the Cold
Final Chapter
Caught Alone
In a Dream
Let It Go On
Don't Be Fooled
Standing In The Threat
Needle In A Camel's Eye (Brian Eno)

Recorded by calrust.

Download here (MP3) FLAC available by request.

 Walking Sleep - Standing In The Threat (live, 7/29/10) by recordingla