Friday, December 30, 2011

Reflecting on 2011: Year in Review

So, as many of you are aware and are still following this blog, this year's "year in review" will be a bit truncated due to my life "off-line" getting quite busy this past few months. However, there were some notable highlights from this past year, and hopefully there will be more to come in 2012.

Back in January, we were fortunate to attend The Monolators residency at the now-departed LaBrie's lounge in Glendale, recording nights one, two, and four. It ended up being a memorable series of shows.

In February, we caught an interesting Sara Lov show at the Bootleg Theatre that served as a release party for her latest release I Already Love You, a album of covers. Also that month, we put up the second half of C-Horse's residency at Casey's Irish Bar - a band who was a new discovery for Recording L.A.

May brought us our great presentation of the third night of the Seasons residency at Casey's Irish Bar. (with Odd Modern) This month also saw the return of Agent Ribbons to Los Angeles, with tour stops at Bardot and Origami Vinyl, playing very good back-to-back shows. (rumor has it they will be returning to our fair city next spring, so keep your eyes peeled for that)

In June, we caught the second night of C-Horse's residency at the Redwood Bar & Grill, which featured a strong line-up that included Ema and Her Lady Parts(full band effort from Ema and Her Ghosts) and The Damselles and the TC4. June also brought us the intense and memorable tribute to the The Movies, which featured several area bands and musicians paying tribute to the now-disbanded band in the form of covers of their most well-known songs.

Finally, in July we caught The Henry Clay People (which was a long time in the making) at the closing night of the Hammer Museum's yearly "Also I Like To Rock" series. Tomorrow night, they hold their semi-annual (after skipping last year) NYE show at The Satellite, and it promises to be a fun time.

And that's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for next year, where I will try to post more often, pending other obligations. First order of business though, is a Facebook page, which has been long overdue on my end.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog update.

Hello all.

I apologize for the lack of updates in the past few months (!) - apparently, "real life" has keep me busier than I thought it would as of late. Therefore, I haven't been able to set aside enough spare time to contribute to the blog in any meaningful way. So, assuming anyone is still following/reading...

I have received a few upload requests - if anyone still wants those, or wishes to make new ones, send them to me. However, I probably will not be able to fulfill them until sometime around the middle of next month, so you would have to be patient.

What does this mean for the future of the blog? I'm not sure - I don't want to say this is the end and quit posting for good (I would never completely shut it down, but would only continue to perform maintenance as needed); however, I can't say for certain I will be able to continue to post on a regular basis, if at all.

Thanks for listening. I'll try to keep everyone posted.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Happy Hollows 8/18/11 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.

Poster courtesy of The Happy Hollows Facebook)

About a week-and-a-half ago, The Happy Hollows played their first full length show in what seems like awhile (not counting the Sarah and Charlie duo mini-set at The Movies tribute show in June) at The Echo in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. It's been quite awhile also for us since we last covered The Happy Hollows (last year at the Hammer Museum, along with a few other times)This show was notable for a couple of reasons - it was the debut of their new drummer Richy (since Chris exited the band awhile back), and the unveiling of new material in the form of several songs incorporated with older ones.

Another review of the show can be found here.


1.) tuning & greeting
2.) Faces
3.) We Will Find You
4.) Amethyst
5.) Endless
6.) High Wire
7.) WWY
8.) Folding Road
9.) Lieutenant
10.) Choplifter
11.) crowd
12.) Tambourine

Recorded by Mark P.

Full show download (MP3)
"High Wire"

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seasons 7/09/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Seasons Facebook page)

Last month, Seasons shared the bill with Wet & Reckless, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Wreck Of the Zephyr at The Satellite in Los Angeles. We of course are long-time fans of Seasons, having covered their shows many times before. This evening's show was a fun one, spanning material old and new.

Note: the title of track 3 is a best guess.

Recorded by Mark P.

1.) Always
2.) ?
3.) ?
4.) Of Our Discontent
5.) Tick Tick Tick
6.) India
7.) "new song"

Entire show download (mp3)
Sample: Of Our Discontent

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Henry Clay People 7/28/11 - Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: The Henry Clay People Facebook page)

Last month, The Henry Clay People (no affiliation with the 19th century politician who was a member of the Whig party) helped close out this year's "Also I Like To Rock" summer series at the Hammer Museum in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles (doors down from the famed UCLA campus) What may come as a surprise to many denizens of the Los Angeles music scene, is that the author of this post has never seen The Henry Clay People in person. Sure, I had heard and read about them, heard their recorded material, heard it covered by other bands - but never quite had an opportunity to catch a show of theirs until recently. The Henry Clay People have been a staple on the local scene for quite some time, earning many accolades and followers.

This evening's show was a spirited gathering, with a set comprised of some old favorites and the preview of some new material. A clever tease of "Freebird" was performed by their keyboardist Jordan. Fun show and a good introduction to those unfamiliar with the band.

Note: Several new songs were played at this show, but as the writing of this post, I have not received any titles to identify them.

Gallery of photos from the show can be found here.

Recorded by Mark P.

Download the whole show (MP3) here.
Working Part Time MP3
Switch Kids MP3

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Update: Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs 10/08/07 and changes to show uploads

It was brought to my attention that there were some tracks missing from the FLAC version of the Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs 10/08/07 post - this has been since corrected.

Following this episode, it has prompted me to make some changes regarding the distribution of recordings. Starting the next time a show is put up, it will be posted in it's an entirety in a zip file, with one or two mp3's for the listener to sample.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tribute to The Movies (Various Artists) 6/25/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Flyer from KogaFoto)

A few weeks ago (yes, I know, it's been awhile since the last post here - blame it on a combination of being sick/procrastination) "Tribute to The Movies" took place at The Satellite in Los Angeles. Several bands and artists came together to pay tribute to the now-defunct Los Angeles-based band The Movies. While our experiences with The Movies have been limited (we saw frontman Timothy James do a solo set over two years ago) they have been described as "legendary in Los Angeles" and "entirely idealized—purported to be larger than life." Regardless, it was a very emotional evening.

Due to the, er, boisterous nature of this event, this was a challenging show to record. Each band/artist was recorded and mastered separately (with fade ins and outs applied between each "set") - thus, sound levels will vary. The beginning of "Truth Knocking" was cut due to one of the night's performers who shall remain nameless whispering in my left ear. Approximately 14 seconds of "Get Your Macho Out" was cut due an audience member telling me, and I quote "The majority of those musicians on stage are completely unprofessional - why aren't you up there with them?" (yes, this really happened)

Photo gallery from the show
"Remembering The Movies Part I" (reflections on The Movies from tribute show performers)
"Remembering The Movies Part II"

Full show download here.

Death To Anders
1.) Rock in the Slingshot MP3

Scott Watson (Hall Of Fame)
2.) Midnight Bloody Murder MP3
3.) Secretariat MP3

4.) Intro to... MP3
5.) Tired Of Being Superstitious MP3
6.) When I Was In Nam MP3

Light FM
7.) Missed Oportunities MP3

Brian Thornell (Wrong Way Driver)
8.) A Better Life MP3

Cardoza (feat. members of One Trick Pony and George Glass)
9.) Timothy James MP3
10.) Ed (I Can't Find Those Lyrics) MP3
11.) Autograph MP3

Manhattan Murder Mystery
12.) The Right Equipment MP3
13.) American Oil MP3
14.) The Kid Who Liked Christmas MP3

Sarah Negadari & Charlie Mahoney (The Happy Hollows)
15.) Limousine MP3

Brian Canning & Claire McKeown (Shadow Shadow Shade)
16.) Truth Knocking
17.) Pass The Music MP3
18.) Monumental Life MP3

Amusement Parks On Fire
19.) Scary Footsteps MP3
20.) Creation Lake MP3

Wet and Reckless
21.) Intro to... MP3
22.) Don't Steal My Licks MP3
23.) If I Had the Cash MP3

"Encore Jam" (w/various performers of the night, plus guest vocalist Seamus Simpson of Smokers In Love)
24.) Get Your Macho Out MP3
25.) Scary Footsteps MP3

Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gemma Hayes 5/22/05 - Tangier's, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Debra Reschoff-Ahearn via Gemma Hayes official website)

From the archives.

Several years ago, Gemma Hayes performed a solo acoustic show at the now-departed Tangier's (lounge and restaurant) in the Los Feliz (Hollywood-adjunct) area of Los Angeles. I've a been a fan of Ms. Hayes for quite some time, but this is first instance of her being featured here. This show could be considered representative of her "Los Angeles-period" when she was recording and living here. I do understand that she recently released a new album ("Let It Break") - however, I have not heard anything off it, so I can't really comment on it.

I first heard of her back in 2003, when her first full-length album "Night On My Side" was released in the United States, through either a review in Bust Magazine or on KCRW, don't exactly remember. Soon-after, I happened to catch an headlining show of her's at the Troubadour, which ended up being a almost sold-out affair. She didn't really perform much in Los Angeles after that, until 2005 when she had an (rather under-publicized, which was speculated to have been on purpose) April residency at Tangier's, followed by this show the next month. After releasing her second album "The Roads Don't Love You" later that year, she occasionally did more shows in the L.A.-area, mostly at The Hotel Cafe, testing out material that would end up on her third album "The Hollow Of Morning." She eventually left Los Angeles to move back to her native Ireland, and hasn't really performed here since.

Again, this show was pretty representative of what she was performing at the time - starting off with a couple of songs from "Night On My Side." A cover of John Martyn's "Head and Heart" was featured, and half the setlist was material that ended up on "The Roads Don't Love You." An interesting peak into the past of Gemma Haye's musical career, and fans of her's should definitely check this show out.

1.) Intro FLAC MP3
2.) Evening Sun FLAC MP3
3.) Ran For Miles FLAC MP3
4.) Nothing Can FLAC MP3
5.) Head and Heart FLAC MP3
6.) Something In My Way FLAC MP3
7.) Happy Sad FLAC MP3
Text File

Sunday, June 19, 2011

C-horse 6/14/11 - The Redwood Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA.

Last Tuesday, with support from Ema and Her Lady Parts and The Damselles & The TC4, C-horse played the second night of their June Tuesday night residency at The Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown Los Angeles. The reader may recall that we posted a couple of their performances from their last residency at Casey's Irish Pub in February. We were happy to find out they were doing another residency so soon after the last one (and with such good line-ups too)

Tonight's set was a spirited and fun one, with lots of familiar songs. Definite highlights were "Know Me," and the newer (?) "2 or 3." Quite a good show, and it's highly recommended that you make it out to the two remaining performances this month if you can.

1.) What MP3
2.) Know Me MP3
3.) Stars MP3
4.) Beds MP3
5.) Tongues MP3
6.) 2 or 3 MP3
7.) Enough MP3
8.) Oh Reconcile MP3
9.) Whiskey Coke MP3
10.) Squeeze MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

The Damselles & The TC4 6/14/11 - The Redwood Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: The Damselles & The TC4 facebook)

Last Tuesday, The Damselles & The TC4 (along with Ema and Her Lady Parts) opened for the second night of C-horse's Tuesday night June residency at The Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown Los Angeles. It has been quite awhile since we last saw the The Damselles & The TC4 (okay, over a year as a matter of fact). In the interim,they have released their first self-titled E.P./"official recording." (which can be heard and purchased here)

As evidenced by this evening's setlist, they seem to have shifted away from playing mostly covers in favor of branching out to their own original, du-wop/sixties girl-group-influenced material - a highlight was set opener "More Than Just Friends." Most of the songs on the E.P. were performed as well, but covers were not forgotten - The Crystal's controversial "He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)" and The Five Du-Tone's "Shake A Tail Feather" (also notably covered by Ray Charles and Tina Turner, respectively) Very fun show (and partial dance party!) and of course well worth the download.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) More Than Just Friends MP3
3.) The Game MP3
4.) Baby Grown-Up MP3
5.) (I'll Go) Running To You MP3
6.) He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss) (The Crystals) MP3
7.) Move On MP3
8.) I Won't Be There MP3
9.) Man Like You MP3
10.) How Deep Is The Night? MP3
11.) Shake A Tail Feather (The Five Du-Tones) MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Ema and Her Lady Parts 6/14/11 - The Redwood Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo by la-underground, via Ema and Her Lady Parts Facebook)

Last Tuesday, Ema and Her Lady Parts opened for the second night of C-horse's Tuesday night June residency at the pirate-themed The Redwood Bar & Grill in downtown Los Angeles. Ema and Her Lady Parts is the full-band effort of Ema Tunermann, also known (when performing solo) as Ema and the Ghosts. The band itself could be called a supergroup of some of L.A.'s best on the local scene, including Mary Chartkoff (from , etc.) on drums, Lindsay Mancha (C-horse, Shirley Rolls) on bass, and Pauline Lay (of pehrspace fame) on violin.

Some of the songs may sound familiar, as they were performed by "Ema and the Ghosts." Of note is the Phil Spector-penned cover "To Know Him Is To Love Him". The band has been recording as of late with Luke Ehret of Boxviolet at the helm, so hopefully we will hear the results of that collaboration sometime in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy this show.

1.) Untitled MP3
2.) Salvation MP3
3.) Seafoam MP3
4.) Pony MP3
5.) Heavenly Bodies MP3
6.) To Know Him Is To Love Him (Phil Spector) MP3
7.) Pie MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Agent Ribbons 5/26/11 - Origami Vinyl, Los Angeles, CA.

Last week, Agent Ribbons played the second Los Angeles-area stop of their current West Coast tour (the first being a few days prior at Bardot) at the Echo Park record boutique destination Origami Vinyl. It was quite an interesting show, if only for the mere fact that bands playing here perform from the shop's second floor "loft," while the audience looks up while situated on the first "floor." (guitarist-vocalist Natalie remarked that drummer Lauren was afraid of heights, and would remain behind her drum kit for the duration of the show, which she did) As we have said before, this is one of many posts we have done on Agent Ribbons, which can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

This evening's setlist was markedly different from the show at Bardot, and included a healthy mix of songs from their two full-length albums, the older "On Time Travel and Romance" and the newer "Chateau Crone." Also of interest was the opener "Shoe Shine Boy" (if I remember correctly, an earlier version of this was performed at their Bootleg Theater show last December) A great way to conclude their run of shows in California for this tour, and we look forward to seeing them the next time they come through town.

1.) Shoe Shine Boy FLAC MP3
2.) Buried With You FLAC MP3
3.) Wallpaper Of Skin FLAC MP3
4.) The Boy With the Wooden Lips FLAC MP3
5.) Grey Gardens FLAC MP3
6.) I Was Born to Sing Sad Songs FLAC MP3
7.) Don't Touch Me FLAC MP3
8.) Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus FLAC MP3
9.) Wood, Lead, Rubber FLAC MP3
Text File

Monday, May 30, 2011

Odd Modern 5/20/11 - Casey's Irish Bar, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Odd Modern website)

About a week and a half ago, Odd Modern shared the bill with Seasons at a show we presented at Casey's Irish Bar in downtown Los Angeles. This was our first time seeing Odd Modern, although we saw vocalist/keyboardist Vanina Alfaro sit in with BoxViolet at a show of theirs last November. Odd Modern have been described as an "indie-electro band whose infectious beats and inspired lyrics, hidden behind the duo’s unassuming nature, catches many off guard and straddles the line between the electronic and the organic."

Most of tonight's setlist came from their full-length album "Contrary to Popular Belief", with a couple of selections from "The P.E. EP" and "Odd Mode EP." (all available to download at their website) It was a really fun show, and we look forward to what they bring in the future.

(Recorded by Mark P.)

1.) Oddo Tune MP3
2.) Ana MP3
3.) Running the Mile MP3
4.) Bangalore MP3
5.) Tipsy Dancer MP3
6.) The Wallflowers MP3
7.) A Million Little Pieces MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Agent Ribbons 5/22/11 - Bardot, Hollywood, CA.

On Sunday night, Agent Ribbons performed at Bardot along with The Good Listeners and Dead Sara. An interesting and unusual venue choice for Agent Ribbons (that unfortunately ended up not working out that well), but the scenery was lovely and the perfect backdrop for their music. Of course, we are no strangers to Agent Ribbons, having made many posts about them before.

As was stated during the show, this was a tour supporting their recent release "Chateau Crone," and half the setlist reflected that (which seemed to have gotten cut a bit short) While nothing new was played, the performances of the songs themselves were quite spirited, especially "I'm Alright" and "Wood, Lead, Rubber" - plus, "The World Is a Cigarette" and "The Boy With the Wooden Lips" made nice bookends to open the set. Fun show, and we are looking forward to the next one.

1.) The World is a Cigarette FLAC MP3
2.) The Boy With the Wooden Lips FLAC MP3
3.) I Was Born to Sing Sad Songs FLAC MP3
4.) Grey Gardens FLAC MP3
5.) I'm Alright FLAC MP3
6.) Bird In The Mirror FLAC MP3
7.) Birds and Bees FLAC MP3
8.) Wood, Lead, Rubber MP3 MP3
Text File

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seasons 5/20/11 - Casey's Irish Pub, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Seasons Facebook)

Last Friday, we presented the third night of Season's May residency at Casey's Irish Bar in downtown Los Angeles. It was our first time presenting a show, and we would like to thank Seasons for asking us to do so. That being said, we have featured Seasons here before.

This was a notable show because the setlist focused mainly on "older songs," such as "Empty Spaceships" and "Song That You Know" from the "Spring" EP, and "Real Dreams" from the "Summer" EP, along with "Passing Trains" from an older self-titled album. This show also happened to be the first one we saw with their new violinist as well. Really fun show, and again, we are thankful for the opportunity to present.

Recorded by Mark P.

1.) Song That You Know MP3
2.) Empty Spaceships MP3
3.) Islands MP3
4.) Passing Trains MP3
5.) 666 number of The Beat MP3
6.) Lazy Bones MP3
7.) Real Dreams MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update: Temporary hiatus and Seasons 5/20 show reminder.

Hi everyone. "Real life" has taken over once again, and regular posting will have to take a temporary hiatus until near the end of May. Apologies.

On another note, just a reminder that we are presenting the third night of the Seasons residency at Casey's Irish Bar on May 20th - it's free and the music begins at 10pm. More info can be found on the Facebook event page. Please come out, thanks.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Hectors 4/05/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photo: The Hectors Facebook)

Earlier this month, The Hectors shared the bill with The Lonely Wild and Radars To The Sky for the former's Radio Free Silverlake Tuesday night residency this month. We have seen The Hectors before (at last year's "Undercovered" show), but this will be the first time we have made a post about them. Their music has been described as "smart, edgy pop" with "a sense of humor to go along with their pop chops, which is only natural when you consider the L.A. quartet has influences ranging from the syrupy to Fugazi."

Tonight's setlist was mostly new songs, including "Your Favorite Year" (read the story behind the song here)and has been described as "swing[ing] in orbit around more than just a few of the band’s favorite years, spinning as it does from the lovely gauze-pop of late-’80s 4AD to the meticulously ‘gazed Creation Records crunch of the early ’90s to the sprightly indie rock and pop of the last decade–essentially, a three-and-a-half minute love letter to some of dream pop’s best and more ear-pleasing elements." Whew. Fun show, and we are definitely looking forward to their upcoming full-length album.

1.) River MP3
2.) Normal MP3
3.) Tracker MP3
4.) Human MP3
5.) Nature MP3
6.) Sleeper MP3
7.) Your Favorite Year MP3
Text File

(Recorded by Mark P.)

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lonely Wild 4/05/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photo: The Lonely Wild Facebook)

Last week, The Lonely Wild kicked off their month-long April "Radio Free Silverlake presents" Tuesday night residency at LaBrie's in Glendale. (you might remember that we previously posted the Radars To The Sky set from the same show a few days ago) This was the first time we've seen The Lonely Wild live, and it was certainly an interesting treat. The Lonely Wild is a relatively new band that has gotten quite a bit of positive press, ranging from having "expansive indie country songs have breathtakingly beautiful male-female harmonies that contrast with instrumentation that recalls desolate Morricone spaghetti western twang, then blooms into lush country soul orchestrations" and "impeccably sung, confusingly catchy, stirring, hypnotic American music."

Nowhere was their type of nouveau folk stylings evident than in tonight's setlist, of course. A few of songs were taken from their recently-released album Dead End. A clever cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" was prominently featured as well. Great show, and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Recorded by Mark P.

1.) MC Intro MP3
2.) Poor Fools MP3
3.) Right Side Of The Road MP3
4.) Over The Hill MP3
5.) Out Of My Mind MP3
6.) Dead End MP3
7.) Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)MP3
8.) Edgeware MP3
9.) Walter MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radars To The Sky 4/05/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photo: Radars to the Sky Facebook)

On Tuesday night, Radars to the Sky helped kick off The Lonely Wild's April "Radio Free Silverlake presents" Tuesday night residency at LaBrie's in Glendale. It's been quite awhile since we have seen Radars to the Sky, so this was an exciting opportunity to see them again. This was a great show, full of fun highlights.

The set started with two songs from their first release, 2007's simply-titled EP. The rest of the set was for the most part (except for the "new song") composed of selections off of their debut LP that was released last year, Supra/Infra (which includes a cover of The Walkmen's "The Rat"). A couple of standouts included "Matt, You Hit Too Close to the Bone" (you can read an interesting back-story behind this song here)and the yet-to-be-titled new song, which was mostly sung by key-player/vocalist Kate Spitser in French.

1.) Basement MP3
2.) Long Walk Home MP3
3.) Mirror MP3
4.) The Apple Never Falls MP3
5.) As The Nurses Scurry MP3
6.) "Untitled New Song" MP3
7.) Matt, You Hit Too Close to the Bone MP3
8.) The Rat (The Walkmen cover)MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Save the date - Recording LA presents Seasons 5/20/11

Apologizes for being very M.I.A. as of late, but we do have some good news for you - we are presenting our very first show next month, the third night of our favorites Season's May residency at Casey's Irish Bar (along with Odd Modern) Check out the flyer below:

We hope you can make it!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update: Warpaint 8/09/09, 3/29/10, and 6/19/10

Due to certain "actions" from Warpaint's label and management, these Warpaint shows will no longer be available on this blog. While it's seems incredibly short-sighted of them to feel this way, there isn't much I can do about it right now. Apologies.

(On another note,sorry for being so M.I.A. lately, real life has gotten in the way, but since things are winding down a bit, posting should resume soon)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Warpaint 6/19/10 - Make Music Pasadena, Pasadena, CA.

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Last June, Warpaint was part of the annual Make Music Festival in Pasadena, a festival that has stages of music scattered across the city. 2010 was quite a banner year for Warpaint - besides releasing their first full-length album The Fool, toured extensively, and rouse to further prominence and acclaim. It's been awhile since we have featured Warpaint (August 2009 and March 2010 at the venue formerly known as Spaceland), but it took us awhile to get this show in.

Half of the setlist was dedicated to The Fool, while the rest was from their 2009 EP Exquisite Corpse Consequence Of Sound had a good review of their set, saying that "Warpaint is captivating in a weird way. The music is groovy and melodic, with vocals that even seem haunting, and the band feels their music in a way that is rare. I think I was surprised at how rare it is, that a rock band felt compelled to move and interact consistently with each other, definitely not having reached the phoned-in stage." Enjoy this fun set.

(Recorded by ijwthstd)

Taper's notes: "I bailed on the last song to head to another stage to see The Growlers. But after waiting 10 minutes there past the scheduled time I bailed to get something to eat. I saw The Growlers at another festival a few months later and now I regret not seeing all of Warpaint then getting something to eat."

Seeder's notes: "I removed the first 28 seconds of track 1 as it had what might have been recorded music."

Update 3/31/11: This show is no longer available due to label and management issues.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

C-horse 2/25/11 - Casey's Irish Bar, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: C-horse Facebook)

Last Friday, C-horse played the final night of their February Friday night residency at Casey's Irish Pub in downtown Los Angeles. A rainy night did not keep the crowds away, and C-horse did not disappoint - they closed out a month of shows with a bang. You may have remembered that we just blogged about C-horse last week - which was quite a good show as well.

Being that this was the last residency night, we were treated to a guest appearance by The Damselles on the final number (coincidentally enough, we recorded them at the very same venue a little over a year ago before the date of this show), which was a cover of OutKast's infamous "Hey Ya!" One of two great covers, the other was Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea" Good show, and we look forward to seeing what C-horse has in store for the future.

Some background chatter might be present.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) Know Me MP3
3.) Tongues -> Pennyroyal Tea (C-horse original cover version) MP3
4.) Whiskey Coke MP3
5.) Beds MP3
6.) Enough MP3
7.) Oh Reconcile MP3
8.) Spoon MP3
9.) Stars MP3
10.) Squeeze MP3
11.) What MP3
12.) Hey Ya (C-horse original cover version) MP3
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update: C-horse 2/18/11

*Post has been fixed. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.*

(Sorry for the inconvenience, but apparently I had forgotten that in order to fix the setlist order of the show, I would have to re-tag and re-upload all the files as well. I hope to get this fixed by tomorrow at the earliest. Till then, the post has been set to "draft" status. Thanks.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

C-horse 2/18/11 - Casey's Irish Pub, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Erin Stone)

Last Friday, C-horse performed at Casey's Irish Pub in downtown Los Angeles. This was the third night of their month-long Friday night residency at the aforementioned venue. While this is our first time featuring C-horse here, we have done a couple of posts on The Karabal Nightlife, a now-departed band that C-horse members Lindsay Mancha and Courtney Olsen were once a part of. Described as "creat[ing] three-minute slices of candy-coated edginess, more prickly live than on their debut album," their music is also described as "laced with intricate vocal harmonies and packed with a powerful pop sensibility." Closing out with a cover of The Buzzcock's "Everybody's Happy Nowadays," it was a pretty good sounding show.

(Recording by Mark P.)

(setlist is from stage sheet)

(setlist updated 2/23. Thanks Lindsay!)

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) What MP3
3.) Stars MP3
4.) Tongues MP3
5.) Beds MP3
6.) Know Me MP3
7.) Spoon MP3
8.) Whiskey Coke MP3
9.) Enough MP3
10.) Oh Reconcile MP3
11.) Squeeze MP3
12.) Everybody's Happy Nowadays* (C-horse original cover version) MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sara Lov 2/12/11 - Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Sara Lov Facebook)

Last Saturday, Sara Lov held a pre-Valentine's Day show/release party for her new covers album I Already Love You at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. Held in the actual "theater" part of the venue (most concerts are in the front area), the elevated seating and flat stage gave the performance a sort of Sessions at West 54th sort of feel, and also featured cupcakes and handmade wooden Valentine's (given away with cd/t-shirt purchase) We of course are no strangers to Sara Lov, having featured an older acoustic performance, a full-band outing at the Hotel Cafe, and last year's show at the El Rey Theatre.

The setlist for tonight's show was cleverly split in two - the first half concentrated on covers and the second on Ms. Lov's own material (from her debut LP Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming)The covers were an interesting selection, running the gamut from Evanescence's "Sally Song"* (which is not on the aforementioned cover's album, yet played as a tribute to a friend) to The Magnetic Field's "Papa Was A Rodeo" to Ron Sexsmith's "Just My Heart Talkin'" to The Smith's "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" (which was previewed at her El Rey show last year) to the 1980's classic Thompson Twins anthem "Hold Me Now." This was a wonderful show, and came out pretty good - a must have for all Sara Lov fans.

*technically it's called Sally's Song, but since it was Sally Song on the setlist, I'm going with that.

FLAC's will be uploaded in the next few days (hopefully)

1.) Introduction MP3 (Broken link fixed, sorry)
2.) Sally Song (Sara Lov original cover version) MP3
3.) Papa Was A Rodeo (Sara Lov original cover version) MP3
4.) Just My Heart Talkin' (Sara Lov original cover version) MP3
5.) There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Sara Lov original cover version) MP3
6.) Hold Me Now (Sara Lov original cover version) MP3
7.) A Thousand Bees MP3
8.) Tell Me How MP3
9.) Just Beneath The Chords MP3
10.) New York MP3
11.) Fountain MP3
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Monolators 1/25/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photos by Jeff Koga)

Last month, The Monolators concluded their month-long Tuesday night residency at LaBrie's in Glendale. And what a night it was, capping off with an extra-long (okay, it's the longest set we've seen them do, lol) epic set. It was a fitting finale to a month of excellent performances (sorry about night three, their were some technical difficulties on my end) that promised pretzels and "no setlist repeats" (the latter which ended up being broken as you will see, ha ha)

Tonight's setlist focus on The Monolator's latter catalog, specifically their last full-length LP Don't Dance and their latest release/double EP Silver Cities/Ruby I'm Changing My Number. The first encore was a cover from their Kickstarter series, KISS's "God Of Thunder." Due to audience demand, a second encore was played, and broke their "no repeats" streak - "Let's Be Best Friends In Space" (performed at the 1/11 show) This show was a amazing end to their residency, and we hope to see them again soon.

1.) Intro/Soundcheck MP3
2.) Silver Cities MP3
3.) Oh No, Everything Has Changed MP3
4.) Don't Dance MP3
5.) Spider In the Woods MP3
6.) Hearts Going Steady MP3
7.) French TV MP3
8.) This Is Goodbye MP3
9.) Pickup Ford MP3
10.) E1: God Of Thunder (Monolators original cover version) MP3
11.) E2: Let's Be Best Friends In Space MP3
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Downtown/Union 1/04/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

(Photo: Downtown/Union Facebook)

Earlier this month, Downtown/Union helped kick off the first night of The Monolators' Tuesday night residency at LaBrie's in Glendale. Downtown/Union features members of Seasons (previously covered here and here) and has been described as "the underdog superheroes of the Los Angeles rock world," along with being "a stripped down, driving fireball of rock, from a band with enviable chemistry and a singer with a certain bulldog charisma." Their set mostly highlighted songs from their recently-released E.P. Astral Turf (for the tale behind "Superstitions Of You," click here) Good show, and a great way to have kicked off The Monolators residency.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) The Fight and Flight of Satellites MP3
3.) Motel California MP3
4.) Lion in my Bones MP3
5.) "New Song" MP3
6.) Superstitions Of You MP3
7.) Keep the Engine Running MP3
8.) Vanward Aye Aye MP3
9.) Lowdown Dirty Walk MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jesca Hoop 1/12/11 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood CA.

(Photo: Jeff Koga)

Last week, Jesca Hoop made a now-rare appearance at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Before moving to Manchester (U.K.), it used to be possible to see her on a fairly regular basis at places such as the Hotel Cafe - now, while they are less frequent, that only serves to make them more special. Granted, it's been awhile since we have posted about Ms. Hoop on here (we covered her entire "farewell" April 2009 residency at the same venue), so it was a bit of a momentous occasion.

Backed by a full band, the setlist leaned heavily towards her second LP Hunting My Dress (released last year in the U.S.), with a couple of songs from the first one Kismet. The audience was also treated to a preview of some new material - two songs ("The House That Jack Built" and "Born To") were performed for the first time ever; although, it's not clear whether the latter song is meant to be a homage (or have a connection to) the similarly-named Mother Goose rhyme "This Is the House Jack Built." Additionally, we also heard a newer song "Food At Your House," with Ms. Hoop's long-time friends and collaborators The Ditty Bops.

For all Jesca Hoop fans, this show is a must-have.

To download, right click and save as.

1.) Murder Of Birds FLAC MP3
2.) Whispering Light FLAC MP3
3.) Four Dreams FLAC MP3
4.) Feast of the Heart FLAC MP3
5.) Seed Of Wonder FLAC MP3
6.) The House That Jack Built FLAC MP3
7.) Born To FLAC MP3
8.) Food At Your House FLAC MP3
9.) Money FLAC MP3
10.) Angel Mom FLAC MP3
11.) Hunting My Dress FLAC MP3
Text File

Stream the whole show here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Monolators 1/11/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

Last week, The Monolators continued with their month-long Tuesday "pretzel and no-repeated songs" residency (presented by Radio Free Silverlake) at LaBrie's in Glendale. Like the first night, the second one continued to live up to it's promise - many pretzels were consumed (even pretzel cookies!) and we were treated to a completely different set of material spanning The Monolator's vast catalog.

The setlist was another mix of the old and the new - from one of their oldest "Santy Anno" (unreleased) to their newest "Ruby, I'm Changing My Number" (off the recently-released "Silver Cities/Ruby, I'm Changing My Number" Double EP) The song "Your Mother's Lover Eating Cake," which was featured in online preview for this show, has an interesting backstory that can be read about here. Due to audience demand for an encore, they pulled out their cover of Golden Smog's "Pecan Pie" - which happened to be one of the cover songs done for those who contributed a certain amount of money to The Monolator's recent Kickstarter project. Enjoy.

Another perspective of the show can be found here at Rock NYC Live and Recorded.

Recorded by Mark P.

1.) Santy Anno MP3
2.) Clang, Clang the Horseman Rang MP3
3.) Ruby, I'm Changing My Number MP3
4.) Tiny Bicycles MP3
5.) Red Lamb MP3
6.) Your Mother's Lover Eating Cake MP3
7.) I Heard Her Calling From Another Room MP3
8.) Let's Be Best Friends In Space MP3
9.) E: Pecan Pie (Golden Smog cover) (removed due to the fact it may have triggered a DCMA complaint. Please e-mail for more info)
Text File

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Monolators 1/04/11 - LaBrie's, Glendale, CA.

Last week, the previously-much-covered-on-this-blog band The Monolators kicked off their month-long Tuesday "pretzel" residency (presented by Radio Free Silverlake) at LaBrie's in Glendale. Besides the promise of pretzels, this is also a very special residency because the band has promised to "play completely different sets for all four weeks of the residency, different songs every night" (a.k.a no repeats) On a side note, it was the first time we've been to LaBrie's since it was called "The Scene" - we went to see a certain singer-songwriter that now composes music for a certain Wednesday night sitcom on ABC.

The setlist for this show was an interesting one - a few of the songs ("Spandex Hitman" "Take It Outside" and "In My Dreams" - more info about this song here) were some of their earliest from their extensive catalog. The rest of the songs served as a partial "best of," with "Rejection Set Me Free" featuring ex-member Tom Bogon. Fun show and we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the month brings from them.

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) Spandex Hitman MP3
3.) I Was A Captain In The Army MP3
4.) 14 Degrees MP3
5.) Take It Outside MP3
6.) In My Dreams MP3
7.) Rejection Set Me Free MP3
8.) Strawberry Roan MP3
9.) Eagle Fighting Zebra MP3

FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

White Arrows 12/29/10 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: White Arrows Facebook)

Last month, White Arrows (along with SISU) opened for Giant Drag at The Satellite in Los Angeles. 2010 was very kind to the White Arrows, who landed a Monday residency in August at the venue formerly known as Spaceland after "playing one-offs at the aforementioned, relatively diminutive venue." (LaBrie's was the venue) Their music has been described as "uptempo power pop [and] psychedelic rock," and "indie pop meets electro meets rock meets major hip shaking." Most of their setlist consisted of songs from their self-titled EP, which is currently a free download, along with a cover of Bruce Springteen's "I'm On Fire."

They are also trying to raise money for a music video via Kickstarter, so check it out and try to help them if you can, thanks.

1.) Needless Needles MP3
2.) ??? MP3
3.) ??? MP3
4.) City Boy MP3
5.) I'm On Fire* (Bruce Springsteen) MP3
6.) Coming or Going MP3
7.) The Voyeur MP3
8.) Woods MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available (by request)

Update: Imogen Heap 10/26/05 and "Coming Soon"

Hello everyone. I was recently notified that track 2 (FLAC) of the 10/26/05 Imogen Heap recording at the Hotel Cafe had a broken link - this has been fixed.

Also, coming up this week on Recording LA - White Arrows (opener from the Giant Drag show almost two weeks ago), The Monolators (the first night of their month-long Tuesday night residency at LaBrie's), and Downtown/Union (opening for The Monolators).