Monday, November 29, 2010

Update: Warpaint 8/09/09 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA.

It was brought to my attention awhile back that the text and md5 file links were broken on this post - they have been fixed here.

Again, apologizes for the lack of posting - things got busy again. I'll try to update as often as I can, but probably not as much until mid-December at the earliest.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BoxViolet 11/06/10 - Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: BoxViolet Facebook)

Earlier this month, BoxViolet performed a show at Pehrspace as part of the line-up for The Monolators Silver Cities double EP release party. BoxViolet was celebrating a new release of their own as well, the EP Audition; plus, they gave that night's audience the opportunity to see them play as a four-piece band with the addition of Vanina Alfaro (Odd Modern) on keys and Sean Johnson (Shirley Rolls/The Damselles & The TC4) on drums. It's been quite awhile since we posted a BoxViolet show (okay, well, over a year actually); however, hopefully you will agree that it was worth the wait.

As it has been stated elsewhere, BoxViolet "played a nice, lengthy set" that mostly included material from the new EP, along with the pleasant surprise of "We Fell Dead" (Monolators cover) which they did a "redux" of on last year's We Fell Dead remix EP. They played to a pretty packed room, so you may hear some chatter in the background. Fun show, and we hope to see them again soon.

1.) Hello MP3
2.) Star Stuff MP3
3.) Holiday MP3
4.) Jump the Gun (thanks Margot!) MP3
5.) South MP3
6.) Portable MP3
7.) We Fell Dead (The Monolators) MP3
Text File

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Monolators 11/06/10 - Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Rock NYC)

The weekend before last, The Monolators celebrated their latest release Silver Cities/Ruby, I'm Changing My Number (double EP) at Pehrspace. This was quite an event, featuring a line-up that included BoxViolet (who were also celebrating a new release of their own, the EP Audition), Hot TV, and The Tleilaxu Music Machine. We have covered The Monolators at great length in the past, most of which can be found in the last show we posted of theirs.

Tonight's setlist mostly consisted of the entire aforementioned double EP being played in it's entirety (mostly switching back and forth between tracks from both "albums"), along with the quasi-encore of the older song "Let's Be Best Friends In Space" from Our Tears Have Wings. A interesting personal highlight for me though, was when Eli came up to and sang to us during "Anxiety" (I think this was the song) - it's okay though Eli, you didn't know (was just taken by surprise is all) All in all, a very fun show (pardon some of the crowd noise)

1.) Introduction MP3
2.) Silver Cities MP3
3.) Ruby, I'm Changing My Number MP3
4.) I'll Be Glad When He's Gone MP3
5.) Anxiety MP3
6.) Such A Fool MP3
7.) Push And Pull MP3
8.) French TV MP3
9.) Pickup Ford MP3
10.) Let's Be Best Friends In Space MP3
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FLAC (lossless) files available by request.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Walking Sleep 10/02/10 - 12th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Walking Sleep website)

Part 5 of a series.

Last month, Walking Sleep played at this year's 12th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival (along with previously-posted Seasons, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Radars To The Sky, and The Submarines)We have had the pleasure of seeing Walking Sleep perform before under their old moniker The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra - however, these were all-cover sets (at last year's Undercovered extravaganza, and performing as "Fleetwood Mac" last Halloween at The Echo) This time, though, we got a short but sweet look at them playing their own original material. (their song "Don't Be Fooled" was recently featured on Grey's Anatomy as well)

As noted, Walking Sleep was originally known as The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, and they are described as "combined male and female vocal harmonies, classic rhythms, and curiously dark lyrics...drawing influence across genres and decades, their songs include echoes of the melancholy psychedelic pop of The Zombies, the uptempo stomp of classic Motown, and the moody melodicism of Fleetwood Mac, but placed in a modern context, akin to bands like Belle & Sebastian and The Shins." This set of songs lived up to that, which was mainly culled from their recent debut LP release Measures, along with a newer one. A fun little show worth downloading.

1.) Don't Be Fooled MP3
2.) When The Breathing Stops MP3
3.) In a Dream MP3
4.) What We Forgot MP3
5.) Final Chapter MP3
Text File MP3

FLAC (lossless) files available upon requests.