Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Damselles & The TC4 9/15/12 - Lobsterfest, Port Of Los Angeles, San Pedro, CA.

(Photo [and recording] by M.P.)

Last Saturday, The Damselles & The TC4 brought their brand of unique and modern "doo-wop" musical stylings to Port of Los Angeles's annual Lobsterfest in San Pedro. Granted, it's been awhile since we last covered the band in June 2011, and in the meantime, having been working on their first full-length album (listen to the first single "Dig Up The Hatchet" here) This performance showcased several songs that will be included on that aforementioned album, plus one ("Baby Grown-Up) from their debut EP that was released last year as well. Setlist below:

Time Is Tight
Dig Up The Hatchet
Sorry No More
Baby Grown-Up
He Needs Me
Move On
Man You Are
Big Kiss
Don't Be There

Download the full show here (MP3) A 24/48 FLAC version is available here via bittorrent. (Registration required)

 The Damselles & The TC4 - Sorry No More (live, 9/15/12) by recordingla

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweater Girls 8/19/12 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Sweater Girls Facebook page)

Earlier this month, Sweater Girls opened for Seapony at August 19th installment of "Part Time Punks" at the The Echo in Los Angeles. We weren't terribly familiar with Sweater Girls before this night's performance (though, the name did ring a bell), but we were pleasantly surprised by their brand of indie pop twinged with punk. They have recently released their first full-length LP Were Here..., several songs from which were showcased in tonight's set. Setlist below:

Sticks and Stones                    

Haven't Got a Clue                  
Fast Forward Time                    
Fingers Crossed                      
I'm a Little Dinosaur              
Curry Crazy                          
Pretty When You Smile                
Now You're Gone    

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Sweater Girls - Pretty When You Smile (live, 8/19/12) by recordingla

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seapony 8/19/12 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.


(Photo: Seapony Facebook page)

This past Sunday night, Seapony headlined The Echo's weekly "Part Time Punks" series. Seapony's music, mainly their 2011 debut release Go With Me, has been in heavy rotation at Recording L.A. headquarters for quite some time, and we were happy to see the Seattle-based band back in town after touring here almost a year ago (we caught their in-store set at Origami Vinyl) - so, this show was quite a treat. Featuring a mix of older songs and new ones from their upcoming LP Falling, the show was a great showcase of their "new-wave shoegaze"-type sound, capped off by an encore of The Field Mices' "Emma's House." (P.S. - if you like what you hear here, I encourage you to check out the releases from their old band Transmittens) Setlist below:


So Low                      
I Really Do                  
Be Alone                    
No One Will                
Prove to Me                  
Blue Star                    
With You                    
What You Wanted            
What You See                
Nobody Knows              
E: Emma's House

Download (MP3) here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jesca Hoop 8/11/12 - Zoey's Cafe, Ventura, CA.

(Photo taken by blogger via Instagram)

It's been a long time since we last wrote about Jesca Hoop - well, January 2011 as a matter of fact. In the ensuing time, Ms. Hoop released her third full-length album The House That Jack Built back in June, and is currently finishing up a mostly West Coast-area tour to promote it. Tonight's stop at Zoey's Cafe in Ventura was a very intimate one with a crowd of approx 30-40 seated people, and highly reminiscent of her Hotel Cafe shows of yesteryear. While her current tour does feature a band, tonight's show only consisted of Jesca on guitar, with Leslie Stevens (of L.A.-favorites Leslie and the Badgers) providing background vocals on most of the songs performed. As one of Ms. Hoop's mentors Tom Waits has said in the past, "her music is like going swimming in a lake at night," and with this show we are inclined to agree. Setlist below:

D.N.R (song incomplete, fades-in due to battery swap)

Whispering Light                          
Murder of Birds                          
Hospital (Win Your Love)                  
The Kingdom                              
Born To                                  
Dig This Record                          
The House That Jack Built              
"Banter/Improv song"                    
Hunting My Dress

Stream or download the full show here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Walking Sleep 7/29/10 - Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Walking Sleep facebook )

This week, we are showcasing a Walking Sleep show from our archives that took place a couple of years ago at Pershing Square in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It's been quite awhile since we've posted anything about Walking Sleep - we caught them at the 2010 Eagle Rock Music Festival and saw them at one of the January 2011 LaBrie's (R.I.P.) Monolators shows (recording not posted due to quality control issues) In the meantime, they did release last year Tarp Sessions (a compilation of E.P.'s that were literally recorded at a downtown tarp factory), of which a few of the songs were previewed at this performance. A nice little set from the band, of whom we hope to hear some news from soon. Setlist below:

What We Forgot

When the Breathing Stops
Shake the Cold
Final Chapter
Caught Alone
In a Dream
Let It Go On
Don't Be Fooled
Standing In The Threat
Needle In A Camel's Eye (Brian Eno)

Recorded by calrust.

Download here (MP3) FLAC available by request.

 Walking Sleep - Standing In The Threat (live, 7/29/10) by recordingla

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little Red Lung 6/22/12 - Center For The Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo by Alex, via Little Red Lung's facebook)

Last Friday, Little Red Lung headlined the Center For The Arts Eagle Rock (openers Pisces previously posted about here) for a celebration of the the release of their new music video for "50 Fingers" (screened before the performance) As the reader may recall, we covered Little Red Lung back in January, which we thought was quite a good show - and tonight's was no exception, featuring an "extended" set that showcased material from their debut self-titled E.P. and newer material, along with the addition of several musicians, adding more layers to their live performance. Feed Your Head had an excellent write-up on the show as well. Setlist below:

50 Fingers                
Dead Weight              
Porcupine Sheet            
Bad Blood                  
Into a Landfill          
Get on the Boat            
Little Drop of Poison (Tom Waits cover)
Ink Blot                  
Rare Bird        

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Little Red Lung - Get on the Boat (live, 6/22/12) by recordingla

Pisces 6/22/12 - Center For The Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA. (Happy Hollows-related)

(Photo by Zoe-Ruth Erwin, from Pisces facebook page)

Last Friday, Pisces (the side-project of The Happy Hollows  front-woman Sarah Negahdari, which includes the members of that band) opened for Little Red Lung at the Center For The Arts Eagle Rock. Both bands were celebrating releases - for Pisces, it was their debut E.P. Flower ToesAwhile back, we did a post on Sarah Negahdari and the Sad Solids, which could be seen as a previous incarnation of Pisces (some of the songs are the same) For more on the show, check out Feed Your Head's excellent review. Setlist below:

Glen Echo                  
Paint a Rocket              
Tell Me                    
Punch Love Drunk        
Being With You*        
Wicked Fin*              
Flower Toes      

*w/Little Red Lung's Zoe-Ruth Erwin on vocals)           

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Pisces - Driver (live, 6/22/12) by recordingla 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pageants 6/16/12 - Make Music Pasadena (Old Town Pub Stage), Pasadena, CA.

Part four in a series.

(sorry, that's the best picture we could get)

In our final post (?) in our coverage of 2012 Make Music Pasadena, we present Pageants, the duo of former Avi Buffalo member Rebecca Coleman and Devin O’Brien, (though, this evening's show had an the addition of a drummer, thus making it a "trio") who describe their music as "reflect[ing] the laid-back, sun-drenched attitude of their hometown while maintaining a pathos that stems from quiet introspection" with "a sound that’s effortless and ethereal," and also earning high praise from KCRW in the form of "gorgeous soaring vocals with a familiar garage-y sound" and "layers of mellow guitars, hooky melodies and Coleman’s infectious croon." Good enough for us.

This show took place in a crowded, noisy, somewhat boomy room, and the recording may reflect that. Setlist below:

Words As Pictures                     
Deep Ring                          
Musings of the Tide                
The Doves                          
Cacti For Clothes                  
Edible Dust                        
No Wonder        

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Pageants - Cacti for Clothes (live, 6/16/12) by recordingla

Judson 6/16/12 - Make Music Pasadena (Majestical Roof Courtyard Stage), Pasadena, CA.

Part three in a series.

Continuing on with our coverage of this year's installment of Make Music Pasadena, up now is Judson (among who's members are familiar faces John Seasons and Jillinda Palmer) Judson is the brainchild of    Judson McKinney, who has performed in Los Angeles under at least of couple of incarnations (with his wife Mary, they released In the hands of the sun as "Judson and Mary") Judson's music has been described as "folk-tinged songwriting  reflect all the restlessness and romance of driving a van cross-country" and their live shows as "back[ing] his image-heavy songs with a full band, complete with violins and alternating electric and acoustic guitar work, and the combination has made him one of the more compelling live acts around" - which was in evidence in this afternoon performance, which we considered one of the highlights of the festival overall. Most of today's set was taken from their December 2011 full-length release Drink the Wine.

For our L.A. readers, Judson is performing tonight at the Troubadour, along with Tenlons Fort and Torches.

Setlist below:

People Grow Up So Slow                
Picture of a Child at Heart          
Sweet Autumn Headlight              
Tomorrow Blues                        
Dear Marianne                        
When You Wake Up                    

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Judson - Picture of a Child at Heart (live, 6/16/12) by recordingla   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Trick Pony 6/16/12 - Make Music Pasadena (Majestical Roof Courtyard Stage), Pasadena, CA.

Part two in a series.

Continuing in our coverage of last weekend's annual installment of Make Music Pasadena, we move along to One Trick Pony, who performed in the middle of the afternoon. It's been quite awhile since we've caught One Trick Pony (outside of last year's tribute to "The Movies" and Undercovered III earlier this year), but this show did not disappoint. Since the former however, the band has released their first full-length album Try Not To Worry So Much, which has been described as "deliver[ing] sharp lyrics and soft melodic vocals paired with louder instrumentation."  So, enjoy this show, which may contain references to a dead cat and forgotten merch. Sorry, no setlist.

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 One Trick Pony - Loose Talk (6/16/12) by recordingla

Correatown 6/16/12 - Make Music Pasadena (Majestical Roof Courtyard Stage), Pasadena, CA.

Part one in a series.

Last Saturday was the annual installment of Make Music Pasadena, arguably the biggest outdoor music festival in the city (and certainly the least costly - several stages of music scattered throughout town going all day for free) We kick off our coverage with Correatown, Angela Correa's band which has been a fixture in the local scene for some time, and has described itself as "reverberating layers of washy guitars, beautiful harmonies, growling fuzzed out analog synths and a melodious voice" that "has evolved into a lush and textured experience of melodic soundscapes." 

Today's performance mainly consisted of songs from her most recent release, 2011's Pleiades, with a new song "Distillery" debuted towards the end. A fun show for sure, including a "barking dog war" that popped up in between songs (which prompted some remarks from Ms. Correa herself) Setlist below:

Everything, All At Once      
The Point                  
La Serena                    

Download here (MP3) FLAC files available by request.

 Correatown - Play (live, 6/16/12) by recordingla

Update - The Henry Clay People 12/31/12

Missed downloading this show the first time around? Well, you're in luck - by request, we've just re-upped The Henry Clay People's NYE Extravaganza here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Cat Power 2/21/05 - Knitting Factory, West Hollywood, CA.

(Photo: Stefano Giovannini, via Matador Records)

(I feel like a broken record for saying this, but once again, I must apologize for the long absence - I was swallowed up by academia and work. This will more than likely happen again in the not-to-distant future, but I promise to actually make note of it before it happens)

Coming back from our unintentionally long hiatus, by request our first offering is a 2005 Cat Power performance from the now-shuttered West Hollywood outpost of The Knitting Factory. (and yes, it's pure coincidence that we are posting this just after she had announced that her new album Sun, her first album of original material in six years, would be released September 4th) It was a solo performance that was fairly typical of the the more "angsty" Chan Marshall period that ended up showcasing new material (at the time) and a few covers from the likes of the Rolling Stones, Moby, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, etc. The quality of the recording is not perfect by any means - due to the size of the sold-out crowd and the smallness of the venue there was some shuffling around, noise coming from the bar; however, it would definitely be considered a gem from the archives due to the rareness and uniqueness of the show itself. Setlist below:

Oh Time
Lived In Bars
The Greatest
I've Been Loving You Too Long >
Remember Me
Norma Jean >
Living Proof
Where Is My Love?
Could We?
The Moon
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
I Don't Blame You
Make Me Feel So Bad
Let Sadness Not Be Attached To Your Name
Funny Things
Wolf Among Wolves > (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy)
Lord, Help The Poor And Needy
Empty Shell
The Party
Colors And The Kids
Mama Talk To Your Son
Maybe Not
? >
Remember Me (Reprise)
Naked If I Want To > (Moby)
Beautiful > (Possible Christina Aguilera tease/snippet)
Deep Inside

Download here (FLAC)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Undercovered III (One Trick Pony, Rob Danson, Dawn of Sequins, College Kids, The Californian) 4/07/12 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

About a week and a half ago, not only did Radio Free Silverlake celebrated it's sixth birthday, they also held their third installment of "Undercovered" at The Satellite. We have covered this semi-annual (was not held in 2011) both times in the past, so our expectations were pretty high and luckily we were not disappointed. The theme of Undercovered is L.A.-area bands (usually ones that have been featured on Radio Free Silverlake and thereabouts) covering other L.A.-area bands - which in the past has made for some pretty unique interpretations, and tonight was no exception.

With L.A.-bands covering each others work, there was some overlap with the performers themselves - both One Trick Pony and Rob Danson ( a last-minute addition) covered Rademacher (whose frontman Malcolm Sosa is one half of College Kids, who performed later in the evening). Manhattan Murder Mystery made three appearances (one in form of a frontman Matthew Teardrop solo song) although the band themselves was performing in Portland that night. Dawn of Sequins, a side project from The Monolators (who were originally going to perform as the latter, but their guitarist was injured from a bike accident and unable to participate) performed a "power-pop" version of "Behemoth" (from the recently-retired Ema and the Ghosts) and had a rare vocal performance from Mary with Season's "Monday Night." College Kids gave a quiet and somewhat haunting set (Light FM's "Thrift Store Clothes" a nod to the Kim Haden's former band). The Californian closed out the evening with a markedly different set, representing a couple of currently-inactive bands (The Broken West and Benji Hughes) Fun evening, and we can't wait for the next one.

Download full show here. (mp3)
FLAC files available by request.


One Trick Pony

Minnesota (Rademacher)
Something Wrong With Me (Death to Anders)

Rob Danson (Death to Anders)

Need Nobody (Rademacher)

Dawn of Sequins (Mary and Eli of The Monolators)

Followed By Bad Luck (Tenlons Fort)
Monday Night (Seasons)
Ride This Wave (Summer Darling)

College Kids

Bury Me at the Salton Sea (Matthew Teardrop)
Stay With Me (NO)
Thrift Store Clothes (Light FM)
Happy In Love (Earlimart)
Sex Offenders (Auditorium)

The Californian

Return To The Sea (The Ross Sea Party)
On The Bubble (The Broken West)
The Mummy (Benji Hughes)
I Don't Want To Know (The Breakups)
Dirty Apartment (The Mid Cities)
Maybe It's The Distance (Chasing Kings)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

C-horse 3/16/12 - Casey's Irish Pub, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Dee Reynolds via C-horse facebook page)

Last month, C-horse held a Friday residency at Casey's Irish Pub in downtown Los Angeles, and we were fortunate enough to be able to attend of couple of those nights (second post forthcoming) It has been quite awhile since we last featured C-horse (and even longer since we saw them at Casey's), so we where quite interested in seeing what they were up to in the meantime. According to their news updates, they have been working on new material, which we saw a little bit of this evening.

It was a fun and energetic show, blending material new and old. One of the recurring themes of the month was featuring a new cover each week, and tonight's selection was reknown punk band The Dickie's "Fan Mail." If you're a fan, this show is well worth the listen.


2 or 3 (not recorded due to error)
Introduction (fade-in)
Oh Reconcile
Whiskey Coke
Fan Mail (The Dickies cover)

Full show download here. (FLAC files available by request)

Lay Low 3/21/12 - Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Mark P)

Last month, Lay Low opened the second of two sold-out nights for fellow Icelanders Of Monsters & Men at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Lay Low is someone I've been listening to for awhile (she was on the same bill at a Jesca Hoop show I attended awhile ago, but I only saw a bit of her performance) but have not featured her until now. The on-stage moniker of Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir, who, due to her Icelandic roots has been thought of as a "country/folkified Bjork," leans more towards a early Dolly Parton (she several of Ms. Parton's songs were covered by Lay Low on 2008's Ökutímar soundtrack album)

Being an opening set, it was fairly short, but comprehensive. Playing solo, there were a smattering of songs from her more popular and widely released albums Please Don't Hate Me and Farewell Good Night's Sleep. Also included were one song sung in Icelandic, and a rarer tune "The Backbone."


Mojo Love
"song sung in Icelandic"
By and By
The Backbone
Please Don't Hate Me
Little By Little

Recorded by Mark P.

Full show download here.

Update: HoneyHoney 2/26/10

Due to popular demand, the 2/26/10 HoneyHoney performance at Casey's Irish Pub has been re-uploaded, and available to download in the original post.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Update: file availability

So, apparently our host (mediafire) has locked our account (without notice), which means that past shows will not be available for the time being. Will try to resolve as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Death to Anders 3/03/12 - Lot 1 Cafe, Los Angeles, CA.

(Image: Death to Anders Facebook)

Last Saturday, Death to Anders played an "encore" performance of the Pixies' infamous album Surfer Rosa in it's entirety at Lot 1 Cafe in Los Angeles. Originally, the band performed the album on the final night of their Friday residency at Casey's Irish Pub - however, due to overwhelming demand, they were asked to do it again. It's been awhile since we featured Death to Anders (at last June's "Tribute to The Movies" and the first "Undercovered" show), and perhaps it seems a little ironic that yet again we are featuring another set of theirs that is mostly covers. (We'll get to a regular show one day, we promise)

Popular opinion seems to say that Surfer Rosa was one of the Pixies' most well-known releases, which contains some of the band's most recognizable tracks ("Bone Machine," "Gigantic," and "Where Is My Mind?") Death to Ander's renditions captured the spirit and mood of the Pixies perfectly, and is worth a listen from new and old fans alike. Setlist below:

Bone Machine
Break My Body
Something Against You
Broken Face
River Euphrates
Where Is My Mind?
Tony's Theme
Oh My Golly!
I'm Amazed
Brick Is Red
"crowd & banter"
Shadowlane (Death to Anders original song)

Full show download here (mp3)
FLAC files available by request.

Recorded by Mark P.

Seasons 3/03/12 - Home Room, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Recording LA)

Last Saturday, along with Ema and the Ghosts, Seasons performed as part of the line-up for the closing reception of PLUSH at Home Room in Los Angeles. We of course are big fans of Seasons, having covered them here many times in the past (including a one of their best recent shows at in memory back in January at The Echo) This short but sweet show was lots of fun, and included a seemingly epic version of "Lazy Bones" as the set closer. (courtesy of a audience request chant led by Manhattan Murder Mystery's Matthew Teardrop) Setlist below:

Monday Night
Of Our Discontent
Light, Lost
Number Of The Beat
Lazy Bones

Full show download here (mp3)
FLAC files available by request.

(apologies for the lack of links in this post, HTML coding is not cooperating well for some reason)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ema and the Ghosts 3/03/12 - Home Room, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Recording LA)

Last Saturday, Ema and the Ghosts performed as part of the line-up for the closing reception of PLUSH at Home Room in Los Angeles. Part gallery, part mini-concert hall, it was our first time in this space (but hopefully not our last) We are no strangers to Ema and the Ghosts (and fellow full-band version, Ema and Her Lady Parts), but it has been quite awhile since we saw Ema's solo effort, and it did not disappoint.

However, this was a bittersweet occasion - Ema herself announced that she was retiring the "Ema and Her Ghosts" name and the musical material associated with it (as part of an effort to "move on" and also presumable focus on her aforementioned full band efforts) The set end up being a list of "greatest hits," and while there were a few hiccups, it was all in all a good performance. Setlist below:

Rabbit Hole
Ermine and Mink
Whirly Kid

Full show download here (mp3) (Link updated 7/17)
FLAC files available by request.

Ema and the Ghosts - Alligator (live, 3-03-12) by recordingla

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Red Lung - 1/30/12, The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo courtesy of Zoe Ruth-Erwin)

Last week, Little Red Lung helped headliners Seasons close out their January Monday night residency at The Echo. We've been meaning to catch Little Red Lung for quite some time, and have been listening to their music as of late (available to stream or download here), so we were happy to see them share a bill with one of our favorites. Little Red Lung is fronted by photographer and musician Zoe Ruth-Erwin, who has worked with bands we have featured before such as Death to Anders and One Trick Pony.

Little Red Lung has been described as "a seductive witchery of waltzes that would incite even the most devout crossbearer to do the devil dance" (La-Underground), which is high praise indeed. Buzzbands LA has also described them as an "inviting hybrid of chamber-pop and folktronica as well. We would also like to add that we did find their sound in this set quite eternal and melodically bewitching, which should be evident to the listener.

Little Red Lung's debut E.P. will be released in late March. In the meantime, locally they are performing at Home Room February 10th, and for our readers in Northern California, they will be embarking on a mini-tour in the region next month (March 10th in Merced at The Partisan, March 11th in San Francisco at The Hotel Utah Saloon, March 13th in San Francisco at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall, and March 14th in Oakland at The New Parish)

Full show download here.


50 Fingers
Porcupine Sheet
Bad Blood
Into a Landfill
Ink Blot
Little Drop Of Poison (Tom Waits)
Dead Weight
Get on the Boat

FLAC files available by request.

Little Red Lung - Little Drop Of Poison (Tom Waits cover, live 1-30-12) by recordingla

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seasons 1/30/12 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: Seasons facebook)

A few days ago, Feed Your Head presented the final night of Seasons's Monday night January residency at The Echo. And what a night it was - joined by guest including a trombone player and string section, it was a fitting cap to that month's succession of performances - previous shows had the band performing each night one of their "season" (see what I did there) titled E.P.s in their entirety. (the fourth in the series, "Autumn," was release January 2nd) We have been supporters of Seasons for quite some time, and it's been far too long since we last saw them.

Taking a festively decorated stage that included microphone stands wrapped in calla lilies, colored lights, a cardboard sun (that ended up in the audience towards the end of the set) and a festooned pumpkin near the foot of, Seasons played a set that was a sampling of their four aforementioned albums. The addition of the guest musicians added an extra layer and texture that was almost hypnotizing - particularly the calypso sounding "Number Of The Beat." For fans old and new, this recording is a must-listen.

Full show download here.
(FLAC files available by request.)

Of Our Discontent
Number Of The Beat
Open Your Eyes
Monday Night
Real Dreams
The Sea
E: ???

Songs 1-6 featured the Josh on trombone, and Morgan, Corinne and Karen as the string section.

Seasons - Open Your Eyes (live, 1-30-12) by recordingla

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Manhattan Murder Mystery 12/26/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.


Last month Manhattan Murder Mystery held the Monday night residency slot at The Satellite, a fitting bookend to what ended up being a banner year for the band (which included the release of full-length self-titled album and the E.P. Woman House)It's been awhile since we last featured Manhattan Murder Mystery (okay, a lot longer than awhile), but we'll try to make up for that right now.

This show was a good cap to end their December run at The Satellite, performing selections from the aforementioned Woman House E.P. to the always crowd-pleasing "Parking Lot" Good times all around.

Recorded by Mark P.

Edit 1/06 - Thanks to Zach for filling in on a couple of song titles.

Full show download here.
(FLAC files available by request)

1 - Introduction
2 - Stadium Way
3 - Sancho
4 - City Hall
5 - ???
6 - Ambulance
7 - Christmas Day
8 - Owen Hart
9 - Parking Lot

Manhattan Murder Mystery - Stadium Way (live, 12-26-11) by recordingla

The Henry Clay People NYE Extravanganza 12/31/11 - The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA.

(Photo: The Henry Clay People facebook)

To say that the 3rd annual Henry Clay People NYE concert (after an absence last year) at The Satellite/ex-Spaceland was an extravaganza might be considered an understatement, especially to those of us who were there. It was quite a show for old and new fans of the band (for this reporter it was their second, after seeing them at the Hammer Museum last July), which culminated in almost two hours of music almost evenly split into new material and the band's greatest hits, and the second half devoted to self-proclaimed "shitty covers" (which were quite the opposite actually)

Before the clock struck midnight, the band ripped through a collection of tunes that were mostly new (a standout was the newbie "Every Band We Ever Loved Is Selling Out and Breaking Up" - a mischievous commentary on some of the happenings in the music world over the past year?), with songs from previous albums sprinkled in. It seemed like all bets were off after ringing in the new though, when the cover set commenced - as noted bellow, the selection ran the gamut from The Beatle's I Saw Her Standing There" to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" to Prince's "When Doves Cry" - quite a selection indeed. Many of the guests that came onstage during the included Manhattan Murder Mystery's Matthew Teardrop (who sang on a couple of songs that included Dead Kennedy's "California Uber Alles") and a surreal cameo from The Undertone's Paul McLoone on his band's hit "Teenage Kicks" (sadly, Johnny Rotten was not in the house to assist on the Sex Pistol's "Holiday in the Sun")

I did the best I could on the setlist, please let me know if you have any corrections, thanks.

Edit 6/20/12 - we've got most of the setlist identified now, thanks Angelle and Joe!

Full show download here. (link updated 6/19/12)
(FLAC files available by request)

1.) The Honey Love He Sells
2.) The Fakers and the Fakes
3.) Andy Sings
4.) Two By Two
5.) Slow Burn
6.) Hide
7.) Every Band We Ever Loved Is Selling Out and Breaking Up
8.) Those Who Know Better
9.) California Wildfire
10.) Switch Kids
11.) This Ain't A Scene
12.) Fine Print
13.) "NYE Countdown"
14.) Working Part Time
15.) Something In the Water
16.) I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles)
17.) Summer Of '69 (Bryan Adams)
18.) Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)
19.) Holidays In the Sun (Sex Pistols)
20.) California Uber Alles (Dead Kennedys)
21.) I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells/Tiffany)
22.) Ruby Soho (Rancid)
23.) It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)(R.E.M.)
24.) Disco 2000 (Pulp)
25.) Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
26.) When Doves Cry (Prince)
27.) Basket Case (Green Day)
28.) Don't Stop Believin (Journey)
29.) E: Born To Run) (Bruce Springsteen)

The Henry Clay People - I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles) by recordingla

The Henry Clay People - Just Like Heaven (The Cure) by recordingla