Friday, May 8, 2009

Jesca Hoop 4/29/09 - The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA.

(Photo by Jeff Koga)

Tonight's show marked Jesca Hoop's final night of her April residency, and the final show in L.A. before she moves to Manchester, U.K. It was quite the extravaganza, featuring several people Jesca has performed with in town over the years, and a longer-than-usual set.

A good mix of older material from Kismet and newer songs from the next album were showcased. It was definitely interesting hearing "Hunting My Dress" and "Tulip" with a full band in contrast to the more stripped-down versions played at previous shows. She closed with an seemingly haunting version of "Love and Love Again" (well, given the theme of the show at hand), and with the audience not giving up and wanting more, for an encore did the solo a cappella "Storm."

As an ode to Jesca's friendship and history of performing with The Ditty Bops, Amanda Barrett and Abby DeWald joined her on stage for two songs, "Baby Boy" and a Boswell Sisters cover "Crazy People." The former was a staple that Jesca and The Ditty Bops performed a cappella at each others shows in the past. Both were good, but it would have been also nice to hear the other standards they did "Big Fish" and/or "Fix-It Man," but I'm not complaining.

However, Jesca may not be gone for long. Live Nation and show that she will be back in town on July 22nd to open for Elbow at The Wiltern.

To download, right click and save as:

1.) KCRW Intro FLAC MP3
2.) Summertime FLAC MP3
3.) My Boo FLAC MP3
4.) Intelligentactile 101 FLAC MP3
5.) Seed Of Wonder FLAC MP3
6.) Baby Boy FLAC MP3
7.) Whispering Light FLAC MP3
8.) Hunting My Dress FLAC MP3
9.) 4 Dreams FLAC MP3
10.) Money FLAC MP3
11.) Crazy People FLAC MP3
12.) Enemy FLAC MP3
13.) Tulip FLAC MP3
14.) The Kingdom FLAC MP3
15.) Angel Mom FLAC MP3
16.) Love and Love Again FLAC MP3
17.) E: Storm FLAC MP3
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