Friday, March 15, 2013

About last night...

Hello all - I'm here to interrupt your irregularly-scheduled programming with a more reflective post (vs. one that's usually more content-based)

Last night I went to a show. This act isn't so unusual of itself, save for the fact that I haven't been to one since  The Henry Clay People's last NYE extravaganza many weeks back - talk about falling show attendance  It was Little Red Lung and Pam Shaffer  (the later celebrating a new record release) at the Hotel Cafe. I sat with Brad Roberts of Feed Your Head fame. It was a good show. Hotel Cafe has changed a lot of the years - I've been going there on and off since August of 2003 (!) Granted, the world keeps progressing on, and change is a natural factor of that, but...which brings me to another reason why I'm making this entry.

This morning, The 704 made a post celebrating his blog's anniversary, and how admittedly his online abode "is effectively dead, and has been for a while." I know the feeling - my own updates have been few and far between. Life and other things get in the way, it happens. Other activities take priority. However, this paragraph jumped out at me:

"Death to Anders no longer exists. Pizza! and Big Whup no longer exist. One Trick Pony no longer exists. Red Cortez, Mississippi Man, the Deadly Syndrome. The 60 Watt Kid diaspora has grown to include N O W, Skyline Drive, Pageants. Future Ghost is Missing Teen. Some variation of the Union Line has become Mt. Ossa. Johnny left Seasons. Manhattan Murder Mystery has six members. Who knows what's happening with the Monolators and the Henry Clay People. Joey Siara now plays rousing rock and roll anthems solo to rooms full of the staid and the polite. Web in Front no longer exists. Mouse is married. Time keeps doing that weird thing it does: passing."

First of all, I had no idea One Trick Pony had disbanded. It seems like yesterday I saw them at last year's edition of Make Music Pasadena. Talk about being out of the loop. But I digress...

Last night's show was very good. Great new stuff from Little Red Lung. But - and this is more about me than the music - something felt off, and has been awhile. Going to shows isn't as fun as it used to. There doesn't seem to be much to get excited about as in years past, that a certain spark is missing. Granted, I go to a lot of concerts alone, and that takes it's toll after awhile, but...I don't know. Maybe it's prolonged burn-out after going to see so much for such a long time? A normal part of the aging process?

Regardless, there will be upcoming posts on the sets from last night, hopefully sooner than later. A Jesca Hoop show should be on the horizon in the near future. If I decide to shell out the cash for Bat For Lashes, that too. Beyond that, who knows...

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