Monday, February 23, 2009

Marvelous Toy, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (w/Angele Correa), Radars To The Sky, Death To Anders 2/15/09 - All-Star Lanes, Los Angeles,CA.

(apologies on the lateness of this post - it's been a busy week, and this took longer to put together than I thought it would)

This post-Valentine's Day, Radio Free Silverlake and The Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club presented "Undercovered: Great L.A. Bands Celebrating Great L.A. Bands." It was a great night of 4 bands from the L.A. indie scene covering and paying homage to bands from the same area.

And what a great night it was. Marvelous Toy covered The Henry Clay People. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra covered The Monolators. Radars To The Sky covered Rilo Kiley. Death To Anders covered The Happy Hollows. The audience wore hats on their feet and hamburgers ate people. (okay, maybe the last part didn't happen - well, that I know of anyway)

Previously, I had only seen a couple of Death To Anders songs live and Angela Correa twice. As someone who's still learning about a lot of locally-based musicians, I confess I wasn't familar with alot of what was being covered. However, what I heard was good, and look forward to seeing any of these people perform in the future.

The venue itself was interesting - this show took place in the bar of a bowling alley (a teeny one too, around 22 lanes). I was kind of afraid of the surrounding environment because, let's face it, bars are usually super-noisy. However, these came out really well considering.

Marvelous Toy

1.) Lefty's Lament (Divisadero) FLAC MP3
2.) The Uniform (The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra) FLAC MP3
3.) Cold Star (The Hectors) FLAC MP3
4.) No Wedding Cake (Fol Chen) FLAC MP3
5.) Fine Print (The Henry Clay People) FLAC MP3
Text File

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (with Angela Correa)

1.) The Monumental Life (The Movies) FLAC MP3
2.) Oh No, Everything Has Changed (The Monolators) FLAC MP3
3.) Long Walk Home Again (Radars To The Sky) FLAC MP3
4.) Where's yer Dirty Mind? (Avi Buffalo) FLAC MP3
5.) Black and Blue (Divisadero) FLAC MP3
Text File

Radars To The Sky

1.) Introduction FLAC MP3
2.) Lovers Who Uncover (The Little Ones) FLAC MP3
3.) The Chronic Sigh (Thailand) FLAC MP3
4.) It Really Shouldn't Matter (Radmacher) FLAC MP3
5.) Don't Be Fooled (The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra) FLAC MP3
6.) A Better Son/Daughter (Rilo Kiley) FLAC MP3
7.) Camera Lens (Death To Anders) FLAC MP3
Text File

Death To Anders

1.) Victoria (Radars To The Sky) FLAC MP3
2.) Parking Lot (Manhattan Murder Mystery) FLAC MP3
3.) Loose Talk (One Trick Pony) FLAC MP3
4.) Kissing Families (The Silversun Pickups) FLAC MP3
5.) Driver (The Happy Hollows) FLAC MP3
Text File

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  1. i am so glad you recorded this
    i was going to go out to this as it seemed like a great night but at thye last minute i couldn't drag myself off the sofa